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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Which One-Size is Your Size?

One of the most popular choices in cloth diapering is the one-size pocket diaper, and with good reason! They fit from not long after birth all the way through potty training, they are easy to take care of, and with all the available color choices, they’re pretty darn cute! If you come into Nicki’s (or check out our website), you might be boggled by the number of choices in brands and styles when it comes to one-size pocket diapers. I’m going to tell you about 3 of our most popular one-size pocket diapers and hopefully help you chose which one(s) best fit your needs!

First, let’s look at the Bum Genius 3.0 pocket diaper. This diaper fits starting at 6-8 pounds up through 35 pounds. Of course this will vary slightly depending on the build of the baby. The outside of the diaper is made with a softer, waterproof material and the inside has a stay-dry suedecloth fabric that pulls wetness away from baby’s skin. This diaper comes with a newborn insert and a one-size microfiber insert. Bum Genius 3.0 pocket diapers feature stretchy tabs that allow for a very custom fit and velcro closure. The rise of this diaper adjusts from birth through potty training with a 3x3 design.

My favorite features of this diaper are the fit and the adjustability. I was able to put my son into this diaper when he was less than a week old and get a good fit. It wasn’t nearly as bulky as many one-size diapers can be on a newborn and he didn’t have any leaks! It’s also very easy to adjust this diaper. The snap up rise is quick to change it from the fit of my youngest son to the fit of my older son. The velcro closure allows me to get a custom fit for each one of them and not worry about being between snap settings.

One thing that I find can be down-fall with this diaper is the velcro. In general, velcro tends to wear more quickly than snaps do. Again though, you’ll get a more custom fit with velcro, some people just prefer one over the other.

The next diaper I want to look at is the FuzziBunz One Size pocket diaper. This diaper fits from 7 pounds up through 35 pounds, again depending on the build of the child. The One-Size Fuzzi Bunz features a waterproof outer with a soft fleece inner to keep baby’s skin dry. It comes with a small and large microfiber insert and has snap closures. This diaper adjusts a little bit differently than the Bum Genius diaper. There are 8+ elastic settings on each of the legs to adjust for your baby’s size and 4+ elastic settings on the waist. If you’ve ever seen the adjustable waist jeans for toddlers and children, these diapers adjust much in the same way.

Some of the things that I like best about this diaper is the super-soft fleece inside and the longevity of the diaper. The fleece stays looking new and is always soft against my son’s skin. It doesn’t get stained and keeps him feeling dry, even overnight. Since the elastic is removable and replaceable, these diapers will surely hold up through potty training and have the potential to make it through multiple children. The newest Fuzzi Bunz diapers come with a set of replacement elastic, but if yours is one of the older versions and didn’t, you can request free replacement elastic from the manufacturer within a year of purchase.

While Bum Genius diapers close with velcro, Fuzzi Bunz close with snaps. This can be a positive in that snaps tend to hold up to wear and tear better than velcro, but sometimes sizing can be more tricky because the baby may fall between snap settings. This is again a personal preference.

Finally, we look at the Haute Pocket One Size Pocket diaper. Haute’s fit from about 8 pounds to about 35 pounds and are adjusted with a snap up/down rise on the front of the diaper. They have a waterproof outer and are lined with a super soft microfleece to keep baby’s skin feeling dry. They come with a small and large microfiber insert that can snap together for extra absorbency for overnight or for older babies. Haute Pockets use EITHER snaps or velcro as their closure system.

One of my favorite things about this diaper is that you can chose from snaps or velcro for closure. As I mentioned earlier, snaps tend to wear a bit slower, but you are able to get a more customized fit with velcro. If you find that Haute Pockets fit your baby best, you can have a few of each closure in your stash! I also really like the laundry tabs on these diapers. I’ve never had to pick apart a string of Haute Pockets out of the washer that are stuck together because the laundry tabs have released!

Haute Pockets were the first one-size diaper to fit my son when he was born. He was just under a week old, and about 8 ½ pounds when a Haute fit him on the smallest setting. While this is great for smaller babies, I’m also finding that they tend to run a little smaller on the largest setting. My 30 pound two year old is able to still squeeze into them, but the rise is getting a bit low for him. This will all depend on the build of your child, though.

So there you have a run-down on three of our most popular one-size pockets. Hopefully it will help you make your choice as to which will fit your diapering needs best. In all honesty, it doesn’t hurt to have a few different kinds in your stash. You might find that one diaper will work well for overnights or naps while another may be a better day-time diaper. And the good news is that if you buy any diaper (or diaper cover or training pant!) from Nicki’s and aren’t completely satisfied with it, you can return it within 15 days for full in-store credit under our new 15 Day Wash Program! That way you can find the diaper that does work best for you!

If you use one-size pocket diapers, leave your comment to tell us which are your favorite and why!



Corey said...

Hi Annie!

I love love love my Happy Heiny One Size Snaps for my 32lbs toddler. Gabby is too big for most one size diapers but these Happy Heiny fit her with room to grow! They also fit my 14lb daughter too. A great one size option.


Chari said...

I love my Hautes I bought from Cloth Diaper Clearance!

They are my second favorite next to Happy Heiny's. One reason why HH are my favorite is because they are larger than most OS Diapers so I feel like I get the biggest bang for my buck.

girlsmom0406 said...

I have a few different one size diapers. I have to say, the ones that look (my baby isn't due for a few more weeks!) like they'll fit a newborn best are my Rocky Mountain one size diapers. Plus I love the colors/prints. They definitely size down the smallest though. I was surprised though because between Fuzzi Bunz and Bum Genius my guess would be the FB one size will fit well before the BG. The BG are rather big in comparison to the FB on the smallest setting and the leg holes are much bigger too. I also have some Smartipants which look pretty similar in size to the BG and Haute Pockets which look like they'll fit sooner than the BG.
From my experience cloth diapering our second child (who is now out of diapers) I have to say, Bum Genius are a good solid diaper but I was disappointed how soon they started to look 'worn', I'm planning on buying a Flip or two though since they look similar to the BumGenius except with snaps! And of course I'm hoping to try out the new GroBaby prints....luckily I have some time

KittenKC said...

Personally I use the BumGenius OS pockets with prefolds for my 4 week old and 25 month old sons. I like how trim they are, but I don't like how it seems that the suedecloth really holds stink. I like Blueberry a lot more in general, I think...

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