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Monday, November 16, 2009

My Top Reasons for Babywearing

Baby Wearing... you mean put my kid on like a shirt?

Yup that’s what I mean. I love to wear Soren especially when he’s fussy or seems to just need some extra mommy time. Being a busy parent of two with an in-home daycare means that I don’t always have my hands free and that’s where babywearing comes in. I don’t have 8 arms even though I often need that many and wearing allows for my hands and arms to be free.

My Top reasons to baby wear:

It’s practical. You need your hands free for several other things. I can think of at least a hundred things I can do while babywearing. Dishes, laundry, prepare dinner, vacuum (Soren’s favorite), and the list goes on and on.

It’s beneficial for me: Who wouldn’t get a workout from carrying junior up and down the stairs 50million times a day or from a brisk walk around the block! I love to wear one of my kids and go for a walk. You could easily use a babyhawk and do just about any kind of exercise, baby is just added weight. When baby cries it’s also stressful for them and you. When he’s happy, I’m happy!

It’s beneficial for Soren: babies that are worn cry less. Crying less equals less stres. They stay in a calm alert state and can take in more than if they are crying. It can be especially helpful for colicky babies. I feel that he also has a chance to bond more with me; I wouldn’t be able to hold him as much with out it. Babies also feel secure when being worn. Things like your voice, breathing pattern and heartbeat are all familiar to him.

They are cute and cost efficient: Baby slings and carriers come in a variety of styles and colors. There are Moby wraps, Ring Slings, Ergo’s, BabyHawks, and Hot Slings just to name a few. There is bound to be one you’ll like. They are also cheaper than a stroller and a lot less heavy than lugging around the infant seat.

It’s convenient: One of the things I hate most about getting out and about with the kids is, “How am I going to control Zoe?” She’s 4 and can walk very nicely, when she wants too…I have always made her ride in the cart. After Soren was born I soon discovered there is only room for the infant seat in the cart. So I started packing my Moby and Zoe went back into the cart. It was much easier than chasing after her in the store.

I can breastfeed in public discretely: Just scooch baby down a little in the Babyhawk and bam! They are right a breast level (tummy to tummy). Or while in the Hotsling or Moby use the cradle carry. There is plenty of fabric to cover yourself and baby. I have also seen women use the Ring sling “tail” if you will to cover themselves while NIP (nursing in public).

Here’s Soren and I using a Hot Sling. Happy babywearing!



Cristin said...

Yay for babywearing! I want to try the Mobywrap and Baby Hawk.... now... just need a baby to test it with! =) I think I'll be a fan though!
Great post - thanks!

KittenKC said...

Babywearing is truly a LIFESAVER with one...with two it's just a necessity! I don't know what I'd do without it. My older son is very high-needs and when he was younger, needed to be held CONSTANTLY. Now with a newborn and a toddler, I have to wrap the little one up to keep up with the big kid!

Stephie C said...

I cannot wait to babywear my daughter! My hubby is real excited too which I think is darn adorable :) We plan to get a beco

dsnelson1 said...

Our 3rd is worn all the time :) She has older brothers, 9 and 6 and we are constantly on the go. I have Moby Wrap, a Maya ring sling and a Kangaroo Pouch. Depending on where we are going and what we are doing I will often grab 1 or 2 and throw them in the bag. I even have gotten my little one I do daycare for used to being worn. I LOVE IT!

dsnelson1 said...

I have a question for you...I LOVE my MOBY; however would love to wear my daughter(12months) on my back at times (while cooking :)) and am not sure how best to do it. I have watched YouTube and website videos. I have an organic Moby so it is stretchy. I also have a Maya ring sling and Kangaroo Pouch. Has anyone had better success with one over the other?

Galit said...

I wore my 3 girls in a soft structured carrier (DD1 in a Snugli, DD2 and DD3 in a Baby Bjorn). DS did not like that! He likes my home-made sling, though, as well as the frame back carrier, now that he is bigger.

MommaCole said...

dsnelson1: I would get a babyhawk. You can use a moby to carry on your back but I personally think it's incredibley difficult to get my son back there without any help.

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