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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nicki's November Mom of the Month

Name: Heather K. Where you live: Norfolk, NE Occupation: Preschool Teacher Children: Madelyn Elaine - 27 months
What made you decide to cloth diaper? I was sick of hauling out a bag of dirty disposable diapers every night. It was disgusting me how many diapers we were throwing away knowing that they would still be there long after us. Also, the cuteness factor. They're much cuter than disposable diapers. I'm also incredibly frugal (read: cheap) and I loved that we'd be saving money.
What kind of cloth diapers to you use? A mix of everything! We have prefolds and covers, fitteds and pockets.
What is your favorite cloth diaper? FuzziBunz Perfect Size and Knickernappies
What is your favorite non-mommy related activity or hobby? Sewing and reading. I'm attemping some new sewing projects for Christmas. Hopefully, they turn out!
What type of music do you play in the car? We're usually listening to K-love (a Christian music station).
What is your best tip for a new cloth diapering mom (or dad!)? Don't get discouraged. It takes time to figure out what works best for your child and for your family. Also, some kids are heavier wetters than others. My daughter soaks out of everything if we use one insert. We have to double up. Don't be afraid to try different things right away, I wish we would have. I was pretty adamant against using prefolds but ended up loving them after trying them later on!


Christian, Rachel and Savannah Baldree said...

Hi Heather and Madelyn. I like this mom of the month thing! Great tip- adorable daughter!

Sheila said...

I think the Mom of the Month interview is great! Thanks!

Annie said...

Thanks for being our featured mom, Heather!

We're still looking for other moms to interview for future months. Email me at if you're interested!

Hannah said...

Cool! Have you sewed any diapers? I listen to K-love also.

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