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Saturday, October 30, 2010 0 comments

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What I Have Learned About Cloth Diapering

First and foremost,that it is amazing! I learned that it is very cute and I often obsess over them as his dad thinks I am crazy and they are "just diapers". I definitely disagree! It takes a LOT of research, but when I was pregnant that is all I wanted to do was research the best for my money and my child. That is how I stumbled upon cloth,I figured I was some what green and I would love to be more!

I also learned that his butt was almost never red when we switched after two weeks of sposies! I was so glad he could fit into his one size,and I fell in love! I learned that most of the myths about being hard, real time consuming,and just gross.I have to say, sometimes they do get stinky sometimes. But they are normally in a pail where I don't smell the stink or they are washed right away.

I learned that it was very easy to cloth diaper even when on the go. Actually sometimes we go to the grandparents house three days a week and it is so easy. You do have to figure out your wash routine but after that it is smooth sailing. Plus there is SO many kinds of diapers in cloth! They can be pockets, ai2, aio, prefolds, fitteds, covers, hybrids! The possibilities are endless and you can always find a type of diapering system that works for your needs. Even the grandparents change diapers sometimes!

Lastly, but the best thing I have learned is I am never going back to sposies! Definitely give cloth a chance, and you shouldn't be let down!

By Guest Blogger Samantha (Mom of a 6 month old)

Friday, October 29, 2010 4 comments

Small Space Must-Have: Planet Wise Wet Bag

We did not start our cloth diapering journey until our son was 13 months old. At the time this busy mom and full-time chemist wasn't sure we would be able to make the switch. As with all of my purchases, I madly read reviews before making my first purchase. (I have been addicted to reading product reviews since creating our baby registry over 18 months ago.) Based on rave reviews as well as my inability to commit space in to a diaper pail in our small home led me to purchase two Planet Wise Wet bags.

We purchased a medium wet bag in “Green Meadow” to use for when we're out of the house and a large wet bag in “Lime Cocoa Bean” for home. I must admit that I am a huge fan of any brand that provides lots of options for colors and patterns and Planet Wise definitely fit that bill. Our large wet bag hangs on a hook next to our laundry station using the loop handle for easy access when it comes time for laundering. Instead of a laundry room we have a cubby or hallway off of our kitchen, and this is the perfect fit for our limited space! My 16 month old son goes through an average of 14 diapers in two days, so the large wet bag has been perfect for washing every-other day and we could even go a little longer if we needed! The medium wet bag that gets tossed in my diaper bag has worked perfectly for days when we are out all day running errands or visiting family across town. I can easily get the 6 dirty diapers he goes through in a day in this bag.

Two of my favorite features are the waterproof inside layer and the zipper closure. The waterproof layer is clutch for my pocket diapers that I take the inserts out of after a diaper change. This would also be important if you're using prefolds, flats or fitted as they are separated from the cover after a diaper change. It is also important for all-in-ones but in my experience not as much since the diapers are self-containing. The zipper closure seems to help a lot in smell control! The fact that we have our dirty diaper wet bag hanging in a hall right off of our kitchen, smell control is a mandatory requirement for our use. It also makes one-handed opening of the bag to deposit a dirty diaper after changing much easier. I don't know that a drawstring closure would be as simple to open & close or effective at containing smell.

A few small critiques of or things I have learned about these wet bags are due to the washing process. The tag that comes on the bag when purchased does not give distinct washing instructions (hot v. cold temperature), the sewn in tag reads only “machine wash.” According to the Planet Wise website, it states to wash them with cloth diapers. This led me to the understanding that using warm water for washing the bags is acceptable. At first, I washed my wet bags with my cloth diapers and I quickly learned this would not work for us. The benefit of the waterproof layer also seemed to make laundering more challenging by retaining water, possibly soapy water. I'm not sure if everyone experiences this issue, maybe it is due to the fact that I use a front loading washer. I now wash the wet bags separately to ensure our diapers get clean. I tend to dry my bags on a drying rack overnight to save on electricity because it is a small load. This timing seems to be sufficient for our needs on most days, so long as it is not too humid in our house! After I have learned these things, I have been extremely happy with the easy care of these bags.

We've enjoyed these wet bags so much that we recently purchased two more, one in each of the sizes that we already owned. Having two in each size will help us on laundry day! (If you love patterns like me, I chose “Mocha Sunrise” and “Playful Paisley.”) If we're ever able to have more children in the future, I would probably only have to get the larger size wet bag. Here is my beautiful Planet Wise wet bag collection!

By Guest Blogger Natalie Chilicki

Thursday, October 28, 2010 552 comments

Win a NEW Best Bottom GIRAFFE Print

Ready for your chance to win one of our NEW, Super Cute Giraffe Best Bottom Diaper Covers? There are a few ways you can enter. You can do each one of the entries however you must post back here to our blog and tell us WHAT you did. Be sure you follow the Nicki’s Diapers blog - publicly for your chance to win! 

We will choose our winner on Wednesday, November 3rd. Winner has choice of color: Pink, Blue or Green Giraffes on Chocolate. Please note that these prints are brand new and will be released to the public in approximately 2 weeks (1 week after the giveaway ends). We will ship your choice of color to you once the prints are ready to ship.

How do you enter to win? (Each worth 1 entry per day unless otherwise stated)

  • Follow the Nicki’s Diaper blog publicly.
  • Blog about our giveaway and link back to our site.  When you post back here you must link to the URL where you blogged.  (2 entries)
  • Follow Nicki’s Diapers @nickisdiapers and Best Bottom Diapers @best_bottom on Twitter and Tweet about this giveaway.  Leave the URL where you Tweeted.
  • Tweet @best_bottom and @nickisdiapers #clothdiapers (1 entry for each unique tweet)
  • Tweet @planetwise #clothdiapers #wetbags (1 entry for each unique tweet)
  • Like Nicki’s Diapers, Planet Wise and Best Bottom Diapers on Facebook - Be sure to state your facebook name when you post back here.
  • Suggest the following facebook pages to your friends:  Nicki’s Diapers , Best Bottom Diapers , Planet Wise.  You must post back here telling us which friend accepted your page suggestion.  (1 entry per page for each person you suggest that LIKES us)
  • Grab our button and place them on your blog.  Post a link to the blog here. (2 entries per blog - per button)
  • Start or comment on a discussion on the Nicki's Diapers facebook page discussion board. 
  • Blog about your choice to cloth diaper and include a link to (2 entries)
  • Tag @nicki's diapers or @best bottom diapers in a facebook post.
  • Have a friend subscribe to our blog. Post their username in your comment. You can do this as many times as you can get friends to subscribe! 
  • Talk about Nicki's Diapers on any forum and include a link to
  • Sign up for the Nicki's Diapers newsletter (enter your email address on the top right of our homepage).
  • Start a thread about this giveaway on any baby or cloth diapering related forum and include a link to your thread.  (2 entries)
  • Place an order at, or between October 28th and November 2nd. Include your order number in your entry.
Good luck to you all! 

I Think I Need an Intervention

When I was a first time mom, at the young age of eighteen, I would slap a thin, plasticy Pampers diaper on my daughter's bum and call it a day. The thought of diapers took up less than 1% of my thinking. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever get obsessed with something my child pooped in.

Then my first BumGenius arrived in the mail. From that moment on the need to acquire an uncanny amount of fluff consumed my spare time. Being a beginner, BumGenius was an obvious first choice. After a few friends had me interested in them, I had merely googled "cloth diapers" and BumGenius was displayed all over my screen. My daughter was fifteen months old at the time and I was very pregnant, so I bought gender neutral colors, not knowing there was a variety of brands and prints out there in the cloth diaper world.

Convincing my husband was one of my first challenges. BumGenius diapers are completely daddy proof, so I'm glad we started with that particular brand. I would convince him we only needed "two more" to have enough diapers for the baby we were expecting. Before I knew it I was rushing to the mail box before he came home for lunch, my addiction was growing. And maturing as well.

 I started to investigate many websites that sold cloth diapers. I only looked at "one size" diapers as well, thinking it would be dumb to have to buy more cloth diapers once my son surpassed a size. And fitteds? What was the point of those?!

I was also a sucker for one particular website because they had "rewards" points. But they also had expensive shipping, which was starting to add up. Then I discovered Nicki's Diapers when ordering my first Planet Wise wetbag. It then became one of my "go to" sites. They had everything from babylegs (another obsession that would continue to grow)  and wet bags, to a variety of prints and colors of diapers that no other site offered. Best of all, almost everything I had purchased included free shipping. Not only was it free...but fast. An addict can NOT receive fluffy mail fast enough. Every time an e-mail notification pops up on my phone, I hope it's a tracking number. Or one of those exciting "Your Order Has Shipped" ones.

Cloth diaper give-a-ways were another way to get fluff my husband wouldn't be mad about. It would have no effect whatsoever on our bank account, therefore he could care less. I even used my daughters cuteness to win a Smartipants three pack when she was their "Baby of the Month". It felt like winning the lottery. Lucy was just entertained with the package it came in.

Pretty soon, I was getting curious about those "fitteds" that everyone was trading on my cloth diaper swaps. And those cheaper "pre folds" that looked extremely difficult to use. BumGenius quickly became my boring diaper. I love BumGenius to death but I was wanting more. I really wanted to know what I LOVED.

Before I knew it, I had sold my complete stashes three times to start over. I am currently divulging in a FuzziBunz fetish, I need to have two of every color. There is no telling how long it will last. I swear it's my final stash...until another brand peaks my attention. Sometimes I feel as though I'm the only one this obsessed with cloth diapers. But I know there are other moms out there right now...browsing, acquiring, trading and hoarding Pay Pal money to help feed their addictions. And all the time I'm our babies feel used? Because we are using their cute tooshes to purchase mounds of fluff?

By Guest Blogger Mandie Medeiros

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 0 comments

Item of the Week

OsoCozy AIO Cloth Diapers Small: $12.25 SALE $11.00 Medium: $12.75 SALE $11.50 Large: $13.25 SALE $12.00 Toddler: $14.50 SALE $13.25
Item of the Week runs Wednesday through the following Wednesday. Wednesday is DOUBLE DEAL DAY with overlapping Items of the Week!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 0 comments

Item of the Week

Includes 2 Microfiber inserts (small and large) and ships for free!
$17.95 SALE $16.50
Item of the Week runs Wednesday through the following Wednesday
Wednesday is DOUBLE DEAL DAY with overlapping Items of the Week!

Friday, October 15, 2010 1 comments

October 7th-October 13th Weekly Giveaway WINNER!

Congratulations to Lelia! You've won 1 dozen Imagine prefolds in your choice of white, unbleached or organic and also your choice of size!
Please email within one week to claim your prize!

Thursday, October 7, 2010 198 comments

October 7th-October 13th Weekly Giveaway

We are so grateful for the patience of our customers while waiting for the Imagine Prefolds to re-stock! To thank you, we're giving away 1 dozen prefolds in your choice of size (x-small, small, medium or large) and in your choice of white, unbleached or organic! To enter to win 1 dozen Imagine Prefolds in your choice of size, leave a comment on our blog with a link to each qualifying entry. You may only do each entry option once per weekly giveaway unless otherwise stated. "Commenting for the giveaway" or similar spam comments on our FB or Blog page do not qualify as an entry and will not be counted. Winner will be posted October 14th. Winner must email annie@nickisdiapers within one week to claim your prize or it will be re-drawn.
  1. Tell us whether you prefer white or unbleached prefolds and why.
  2. "Like" Nicki's Diapers on facebook, of if you already do, post a comment on our page.
  3. Start or comment on a discussion on the Nicki's Diapers facebook page discussion board.
  4. Blog about your choice to cloth diaper and include a link to
  5. Tag @nicki'sdiapers in a facebook post.
  6. Follow Nicki's Diapers on Twitter or if you already do, Tweet @nickisdiapers.
  7. Have a friend subscribe to our blog. Post their username in your comment. You can do this as many times as you can get friends to subscribe!
  8. Talk about Nicki's Diapers on any forum and include a link to
  9. Sign up for the Nicki's Diapers newsletter (enter your email address on the top right of our homepage).
  10. Start a thread about this giveaway on any baby or cloth diapering related forum and include a link to your thread.
  11. Place an order at, or between October 7th and October 13th. Include your order number in your entry.

September 30th-October 6th Weekly Giveaway WINNERS!

The five winners of this weeks giveaway are: Stacy Scott Josefine Carrie Roer Tina...Mommy of lotsa boys cocoacream You've each won a Snappi Diaper Fastener! Please email within one week to claim your prize! ***sidenote: if you email me between Saturday, October 9th and Wednesday October 13th, I may not be able to get back to you till Thursday, October 14th. I will be at the ABC Kids Show searching out wonderful new products for Nicki's Diapers! Your prize will NOT be given to someone else, though :)***