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Wednesday, March 9, 2016 27 comments

A Candy Free Easter Basket!

Our Candy Free Easter Basket- Think Spring!

I have wonderful childhood memories of the Easter bunny, searching for eggs and Easter baskets, and fighting with my brothers over the items they received that I really wanted for myself. (My parents might not have such great fond memories of that part.) Although we always received some chocolates and jelly beans, we also always had some great practical items in our baskets. Items that lasted much longer than the sugar binge we went on.

This is my first Easter with our toddler. Last year I was barely clinging to my sanity with a newborn, I don't remember Easter even occurring. Whether you celebrate Easter in the traditional sense or just want to bring in the spring with a happy celebration, I've come up with a candy free set of items I'm excited to include for our little chick.

1) Green Toys

Have you tried out the Green Toys before? Baby Z received the Green Toys Ferry Boat for a birthday gift and it has immediately become a bath tub favorite. I plan on moving it outside into her water table when things warm up a bit. Green Toys are made from 100% recycled plastic and are so sturdy. I'm excited to snag the construction trucks, dump truck, and tractor to add to her Easter basket so that she can move dirt around the yard soon.

2) Planet Wise Lunch/Snack Bags

Spring time means more time outdoors and more time enjoying picnics at the park. The Planet Wise Sandwich Wraps are going to make an Easter basket appearance this year because they are perfect for the park. Wrap your sandwich in the wrap to keep it fresh and sand free while you play, and then lay the wrap out flat to use it as a place mat while you eat.
The Reusable Zipper Bags are also perfect for small snacks for little hands. We have several bags in cute prints and let Baby Z pick out her bag and her snack for the day. Putting that small amount of choice in her hands has made a big difference and I'm excited to include a few more in her Easter basket this year.

3) Baby Leggings

These are loved by both mom and baby in our house! For mom, they make diaper changes so simple. You don't have to remove them to change the diaper and they keep her warm when there's a cool spring breeze outside. Baby Z loves to pick out a cute pair to match her diapers and prefers them to pants (let's be honest, who really wants to wear pants!). We've also found they are awesome to use under pants if  it's a chilly morning and you take a trip outside. When we wear Baby Z in a carrier her pants ride up, but the leggings underneath keep her lower legs and ankles warm.

4) Nicki's Doll Diapers

With Baby #2 on the way, we spend a lot of time talking about babies and baby care in our house. Baby Z has started dragging her baby doll around by the leg, so it seems like we're off to a good start. The new Nicki's Doll Diapers are the perfect way to continue the baby conversation and help her learn to care for a baby. They match her adorable Nicki's Diapers prints and she loves to look just like her baby.

5) My Swim Baby Swimwear

I'm so excited to get outside more as the weather warms up and Easter just makes me think of spring time and sunshine. Baby Z loves water and instead of just playing in the dog's water bowl, we plan on letting her enjoy her water table, sprinkler, and baby pool this summer. While a naked baby running around the backyard will probably happen on occasion, a My Swim Baby swim diaper is a more neighbor friendly option. Pair the swim diaper with a matching sun hat and rash guard top and Baby Z will be protected from the sun while she runs in the sprinkler. We used a reversible sun hat for every walk last summer as well, both to keep her face protected and keep the sun out of her eyes.

**Giveaway!!** Want to win your own My Swim Baby swimwear for your little one's Easter basket? Leave a comment on what non-candy item you're excited to include in your baby's Easter basket this year or just your favorite item that makes you think spring and you'll be entered to win a My Swim Baby swimwear set. Comment by 3/15/16 to be entered to win.