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Saturday, October 30, 2010

What I Have Learned About Cloth Diapering

First and foremost,that it is amazing! I learned that it is very cute and I often obsess over them as his dad thinks I am crazy and they are "just diapers". I definitely disagree! It takes a LOT of research, but when I was pregnant that is all I wanted to do was research the best for my money and my child. That is how I stumbled upon cloth,I figured I was some what green and I would love to be more!

I also learned that his butt was almost never red when we switched after two weeks of sposies! I was so glad he could fit into his one size,and I fell in love! I learned that most of the myths about being hard, real time consuming,and just gross.I have to say, sometimes they do get stinky sometimes. But they are normally in a pail where I don't smell the stink or they are washed right away.

I learned that it was very easy to cloth diaper even when on the go. Actually sometimes we go to the grandparents house three days a week and it is so easy. You do have to figure out your wash routine but after that it is smooth sailing. Plus there is SO many kinds of diapers in cloth! They can be pockets, ai2, aio, prefolds, fitteds, covers, hybrids! The possibilities are endless and you can always find a type of diapering system that works for your needs. Even the grandparents change diapers sometimes!

Lastly, but the best thing I have learned is I am never going back to sposies! Definitely give cloth a chance, and you shouldn't be let down!

By Guest Blogger Samantha (Mom of a 6 month old)

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