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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale - Help me decide!!

I am trying to plan a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale and can't decide what to do. I thought it would be fun to hear your thoughts - please leave a comment of what type of sale you would like to see ;))


Cristin said...

Maybe a BOGO sale... buy one get one free, ideally ;-) I'm getting ready to start my cloth diaper stash and something like that would DEFINITELY get me in a buying mood!

Christian, Rachel and Savannah Baldree said...

I am with the BOGO! hehe!
Any sales are great with me!

girlsmom0406 said...

Any sale is good for me! :) I'm hoping that a lot of diaper stores do day after Christmas sales since until Christmas we're on a pretty tight budget. A BOGO sale might be too hard to resist though. Otherwise in true Black Friday fashion ;) a sale where the percentage off is highest around 3-4am and gradually lowers throughout the morning.

Anonymous said...

How about a buy more, save more discount? Like 10% off $50, 20% off $100, etc.

KittenKC said...

I think a BOGO sale would be amazing, but it would be very difficult for any smaller retailer to afford!

A decreasing percentage off sale would be fitting and fun for the "bargain hunters" but I'm not sure how to run that on the website...maybe announce a coupon code on the blog at certain times of the morning, and then make them expire at certain times if that's possible? Will the store be open?

I'm not as *big* a fan of X% off of $X sales, but that may be just me. I don't like having a "must spend" amount.

Andrea said...

I like the BOGO sale!! I really need blueberries (OS and mini's, hopefully you will have them by then) and doublers so a sale on those items would be GREAT!
Also, free shipping!!!

dannyscotland said...

I would just die if anyone managed a bogo sale, but I don't expect any small retailer to do that. I think any sale would be good, and any day. I'd be happy with whatever you come up with.

Jennifer said...

How about 20-30% your top 10 most top selling items?

Or how about offering exciting free gifts with purchase?

A deep discount on variety packages would be fun -- for those of us like me who are interested in trying different products since we're just starting out.

I'm glad you're wanting to participate in Black Friday. I live in Washington ....would it count for on-line shoppers?

Marni's Organized Mess said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with! BOGO free is a great idea... but I am sure it would be costly on your end. I hope to make a big purchase soon to start my collection. I'll be watching for this!

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