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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Imagine Pocket Diaper Giveaway WINNER!

Congratulations!! Please email within one week to claim your prize!!


Tomena said...

Hey Annie~ I am also 38 weeks! I am having #6 and this is my first experience using cloth diapers.... but I have my babies at home so I won't be packing for the hospital. I wanted to tell you what we use for the meconium...olive oil.... it works perfectly and I feel great about putting it on my babies and it's fairly inexpensive, especially if you already cook with it you should have some on hand. We just put some extra in a small bottle for the baby. I have also been wondering how it would do as diaper ointment for sore little bums? I can't remember but it seems like I used it last time... I think it would wash out of diapers really well. Just a thought.

Annie said...

Thank you, Tomena! That's a great suggestion. With my previous 2 babies, we used A&D ointment and while it worked well, it's not CD safe. I'm not sure if Olive Oil is CD safe, but it is certainly more eco-friendly!

Angela said...

Olive oil should be fine. Very commonly recommended by midwives.

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