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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cloth Diapering From Day 1 Series: Packing for the Hospital

38 weeks pregnant with baby #3 sounds like a good time to get packed for the hospital... right?! :) My other 2 boys both came at 39 weeks so I guess I can't be putting if off any longer! The good news is I've had my regular hospital bag packed for a week now, I just needed to decide which cloth diapers and accessories to bring!
I'm planning for about 48 hours in the hospital. I know some people like to get home as soon as possible after birth, but my hospital is incredibly baby and mama friendly and it's really like a vacation being there! I openly admit that I milk it for all it's worth :) My first son was 9 pounds 11 ounces and my second was 8 pounds 5 ounces. That makes it somewhat difficult to guess the size of this baby, so I'm bringing a few options with.

It will primarily be my husband and I changing the baby and since we've already cloth diapered 2 kids, we are  very comfortable using prefolds and covers for the bulk of our newborn diapers. I do realize that on occasion a nurse or a visiting grandparent may change the baby's diaper so I'm bringing along a few easier options for them, just in case!

Here is what I have stuffed into a Large Planet Wise Wet Bag:

My plan is to bring this bag  up after the baby is born with his bag of clothing, etc. I have 2 diapers packed into my labor/delivery bag so that the first diaper to go on his tush is cloth! I had my husband decide which ones would be first, since I'm *hoping* he will be the one to put it on him! I'll post more about that with my "Cloth Diapering at the Hopsital" post at a to-be-determined date!

Even the best laid plans can sometimes fall through. I do have 2 dozen Imagine Smart Fit Size Small prefolds prepped and ready to go that any of the grandparents can bring when they visit if they little guy turns out to be not-so-little! 

Did you bring your own cloth diapers to the hospital? How does my list sound? I'd love to hear about your experiences!


Kristin said...

FTM here, and going to be cloth diapering. I was thinking of waiting until the meconium passes before using the cloth diapers and using the diapers provided by the hospital. I was just worried about how to clean off that tar like substance.

Cassidy said...

Our midwife had us use olive oil on his bottom to help with cleaning off the meconium.

Anonymous said...

The meconium sticks to baby's bottom more than it does to the diapers. We didn't do anything special, and it came right off no problem. That said, I don't know if I'd do it in the hospital, I'd be worried about losing diapers. I had a birth center birth so we started when we got home, 12 hours later.

amandagp82 said...

I took my cloth to the hospital. I used gDiapers at the time, the nurses put the first diaper on him. The nurses that I had were fantastic. They made a sign for me for his bassinet in case he went to the nursery saying that he wore cloth and not to throw any part of them out. It sounds like you have plenty. They only expect them to have about 4 BM's while you are in the hospital. 1 the 1st day, 2 the 2nd day, 3 the third day... The mecomium came right out, it was more "snot like" than tar to me.

Kelley said...

yikes! i'm a first timer so we are waiting for a few days-week after we get home before we start with cloth! sounds great though!

MommyofMady said...

I'm so glad that you are writing these posts about cloth diapering a newborn from day one. We plan to do the same thing in March. You have so many great ideas!

Mickie said...

Can't wait to hear more about your experience. With baby #1 we waited til we got home (first diaper at home was cloth but used sposies in the hospital). I was debating if we should take cloth with us this time or not (I'm a few weeks behind you).

Go Green Goodie Bags said...

Please share what newborn diapers you like!

Yvette said...

Thanks so much. I am a first time CD'er on my 2nd and 3rd kids. I just started a month ago with my 14 month old. I am still building my stash and trying to figure out what diapers are best for newborns. We are having a home birth so I don't have to pack, but at this point I don't even know what to buy. I love the idea of one size diapers but really wonder if sized diapers/covers and prefolds are the best for new borns. I have big babies too. 9 lbs 2oz and 8lbs 11oz. GOOD LUCK!!! Let us know how it goes.

Jill said...

dont worry about the meconium. no big deal.
I tried to take my cloth and the nurses were cool with it, but I ended up with an emergency c section (again), and then the baby was in distress, so they ignored my diaper and put her in? pampers probably. I was knocked out and in surgery for several hours afterward, PLUS I wasn't even allowed to see her for 6 hours after THAT, for 'my' recovery. After they'd gotten one on her, they INSISTED that they MUST use disposable because they had to weigh them. If I were you, I'd have this in mind and put it in your birth plan that they can take a prefold and weigh it dry and then weigh it once it's wet to make sure the baby has enough output. I should have done this, but as I say, I was in surgery and didn't have the option. Then I was barely allowed to see my baby, didn't even get to feed her for 24 hours because they said she would be 'too stressed' to eat. I can't tell you how pissed off that makes me. God forbid they ask the parents what they want. So just be in mind (and tell your husband, your doctor and EVERY PERSON that you come in contact with that you want cloth diapers) that they'll do whatever they want if you are in any distress at all. If you don't inform everyone, they'll blow right past what you want.

I didn't get to put a CD on her until she was TOTALLY in my care on Monday afternoon, and I left Tuesday, so she was in nasty disposables for almost 4 days. We found out, though, that they THROW AWAY the disposables and wipes and whatever in your room at the hospital, so just take them home with you and donate them. We gave them to another lady who had a girl right after us in church.

I like prefolds mostly for newborn stage but will be posting this month (and probably next month) about all the diapers I have used on my 13 week! old!!! lifeisnotbubblewrapped . com

Angela said...

Where are you birthing? I know Meriter supplies cloth diapers while you are there so you don't to pack them.

Angela said...

Totally agree with Jill... anything they put out in your room, take it home (even unopened things). Once it's out in your room they cannot use it for someone else. Even if you will never use the item(s), there is always someone else who will.

Clothmom1 said...

Please see my youtube video on this very subject. We cloth diapered from day one and no Meconium does NOT stain!!!!!

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