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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Imagine Pocket Diaper and Diaper Cover Review!

When I first heard about the new Imagine covers and pocket diapers, I was honestly skeptical.  The prices seemed so low that I was expecting the quality to suffer.  I am so excited to be wrong!

The first thing I noticed when laying hands on these diapers is that they are not cheap and flimsy -- quite the opposite.  They are well-made, with good stitching and very high quality snaps, hook & loop, and fleece.  The colors are vibrant and the PUL looks and feels more durable than others I've seen.  I was impressed before I even tried them on my kids.

Imagine One Size Diaper Covers
I tried out the covers over a Flip stay-dry insert and over an Imagine prefold (large organic) fastened with a Snappi and also just trifolded inside the cover.  The fit was GREAT.  My kids are currently about 28lbs and 41lbs, and it actually fit both of them very well.  The fabric is stretchy enough to get a good snug fit, and the double leg gussets provide gentle stretch to prevent red marks.  The fit was trim and held in wetness and mess very well.  I especially like the laundry tab -- it is softer than most I've felt but it holds the tab very well!  These quickly became my favorite covers.

Imagine One Size Pocket Diapers
The pocket diapers come with a free one-size microfiber insert.  Again, the fit on both my boys was fantastic.  I had no wing droop, and the fleece around the pocket opening didn't try to sneak up out the back of the diaper.  The insert itself was very plush and I found it absorbent enough for my tastes.  The fleece is soft and I have seen no pilling.  My mother-in-law even commented about how nice they were, and she hates cloth diapers!
Overall I would (and do) recommend these diapers to anyone.  The price is an absolute steal, and the diapers are just fantastic.  I am thrilled that Nicki's Diapers exclusively carries a line of diapers and accessories that is better than anything I could "imagine."


Hannah said...

Oh, I've been waiting for pictures. Thanks. Does anyone have pictures of the covers on a newborn or small baby?

Yvette said...

Thx Hannah, I have the same question. My girls are tiny.

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