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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Overnight Cloth

It's the middle of the night. Your baby wakes up, and you feel that dreaded cold, wet fabric clinging. A leak. Now instead of going back to sleep, you have to change a diaper in the dark and wake baby up even more...not particularly enjoyable with cloth OR disposable diapers.

So how do you get through a night and stay dry? My experience with my two heavy wetter boys will hopefully benefit you.

We ran the gamut of nighttime cloth choices.
As he got bigger, the covers just didn't seem comfortable for him, so we tried wool. Wool longies/soakers over hemp fitteds became our big nighttime solution. Wool is a GREAT cover option at night, as it won't shift and leave gaps that can leak. Breathable and comfortable, too.

When the little one came along, we did the same with him right off the bat. The Mother-ease seemed trimmer and less overwhelming on him overnight, so for a long time it was one brand on one boy and another on the other boy...very confusing.

Finally, I found one diaper that works great on both boys for overnight that isn't quite so difficult....Dream-Eze Organic Cotton AIO. For cotton, it is amazingly absorbent and I haven't had leaks! I love these diapers.

It seems the trick to successful overnights is finding a diaper combination that:
  1. fits your child correctly
  2. has enough absorbency
  3. is trim enough to be comfortable. 
If you're having nighttime issues, try these:
  • Leaks? Add a doubler or switch to a wool soaker/longies.
  • Too bulky? Switch to hemp or bamboo.
  • Red bottom? Try adding a liner to wick moisture away from the skin.
If, of course, you try some things and still need some help, call Nicki's Diapers and we'll be happy to troubleshoot with you.


Big Mama said...

I found a rumparooz double stuffed with hemp inserts is AWESOME for nighttime for my guy... I am not in love with hemp

Cristin said...

My 7mo son is a heavy wetter too and we found Hemp to be the best bet with a liner to wick moisture away from skin. Thanks for your suggestions... may need to try FITTED ones too!

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