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Monday, November 1, 2010

My Unlikely Journey to Cloth

My cloth journey began unexpectedly after venting about my "trash guilt" on Facebook.  I had three little girls all in diapers and the sheer volume of trash that created each day was insane.  I am a big recycler and recyle anything and everything I can yet we were producing an average of one bag of trash per day filled with almost nothing other than diapers.  In my status vent I did not mention anything about cloth diapers, just my guilt over all the disposables. Yet, suddenly everyone wanted to help me learn how to use cloth.  I had no clue so many of my friends even used cloth.  I was shocked and touched at their willingness to help me.  They were all so excited about it and kept using all of these strange and unfamilar terms.  I decided I would humor them and give it a shot.  One awesome friend even offered to send me some cloth diapers to get me started because my number one complaint, or should I say excuse, for not being able to switch was the start up costs.  How could I say no to that?   I agreed to try knowing it would be too hard and I would fail at it.  I had three girls in diapers after all, no one would fault me if I couldn't do it.  Then I could go back to disposables guilt free and be able to say "I tried, BUT......"
I received the diapers in the mail a few weeks later and decided to start slow, using cloth only on my oldest daughter at first.  I didn't want to jump in feet first trying to cloth diaper all three girls 100% of the time because I knew that would overwhelm me quickly.  I decided I would start out part time, only using the cloth during the day while we were at home.  I still used disposables on her anytime we went out and at bedtime.  The first few times I put the cloth on her it was awkward, for both of us.  Diaper changes went from taking about 30-60 seconds to easily lasting 5 minutes as I clumsily tried to get everything on just right.   I couldn't help but chuckle after each diaper change as I watched her walk away funny, like she had been riding a horse all day.  The extra fluff would definitely take some getting used to.
After about 2 days I was shocked to realize I was already getting the hang of it.  It was WAY easier than I had ever expected.  Dare I admit it?  Did I actually enjoy it?  This couldn't be happening, everything was going all wrong.  This was not the plan at all.  She hadn't pooped yet, I knew that would be the end of this silly journey.  Bring on the poo baby girl.

Later that day SHE POOPED!  Finally it was surely over!  I went to change the poop and it wasn't that bad.  What was happening here?

Laundry time rolled around.  I knew this would be "the end".   There was no way the diapers would wash clean.  I started the laundry and it wasn't as gross or hard as I thought.  Our washing machine had so many different options like a prewash, soak, and 2nd rinse cycles, perfect for cloth diapering.  The diapers came out so clean and fresh.  Now what?   Bring it on!

A few days went by, everything was still going smooth.  Dare I try two in cloth?  Sure, why not.  So I put the youngest in cloth as well.  I was still a tad concerned about trying my middle girl out because she is my little soaker.  She can soak through a disposable in an hour to the point where her clothes are wet too.  I knew there was no way these silly little cloth diapers could contain her when a hefty disposable could not.
A few more days passed, now I had 2 in cloth and 1 in "sposies."  OH MY!  What just came out of my mouth?  Now I am using "their" language.  Sposies? Prefolds? Pockets? Covers?  Snappis?  What was this strange new language I was speaking?  My whole day was filled with diaper speak as I bragged to all of my friends about how our journey was unfolding.

 A week in and it was still smooth sailing with the two.  No accidents, no leaks, no blowouts.  I kept waiting for something, anything to go wrong so I could give it all up but nothing ever did.  Then I asked myself  "Do I make the leap?  Do I add a third into the mix?"  Oh what the heck, why not.  So I added a third tush into the rotation.

Now I was proudly cloth diapering all three girls.  Still only part time, only at home and while they were awake but I was doing it.  I had wanted it to be hard.  I wanted to fail so I could say I had tried.  I wanted to be able to say I had put my best effort into it but it was just impossible with three.  Who would blame me then?  I had THREE!  Maybe if it was just one little baby I could do it, but surely not three.  No one would expect that.  I felt so guilty knowing I had started with the intention of failing but ended up enjoying it so much.

So here I am, a little over 2 months into this journey and yes, I have to admit I am loving it.  I am hooked now.  I talk about it constantly to anyone who will listen, willing or otherwise.  I have all of these new words added into my daily speech.  I take pics of my girls in nothing but diapers because they are just so gosh darn cute.  I have 4 kids age 4 and under yet I find myself occasionally catching a little "baby fever" just because I want an excuse to buy some of the teeny tiny newborn cloth diapers.  I have even been using cloth overnight and outside of the house for the last month or so.  So I guess I only have 1 thing left to say......

My name is Christy, and I am a cloth diaper addict.
Ah, it feels so good to get that off my chest.

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