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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Aplix vs. Snaps

Many diaper companies offer the option of snaps or aplix (velcro, hook and tab) on their diapers. What's the difference?

Mostly, it comes down to personal preference. There are some pros and cons that I can highlight for you, however, that might help you make an informed buying decision.

Pros: I have always felt that you can get a more customized fit with velcro. No "between-snaps" size. I have heard others say that the fabric doesn't wear as badly around velcro tabs as around snaps, but I haven't experienced this firsthand. It can also be easier for caregivers to use -- no remembering which set of snaps to use.

Cons: Velcro can curl over time, lose its sticky power, and some children (like my youngest) can learn to undo it more easily than snaps.

Pros: More durable. Snaps never lose their hold. More difficult for little hands to undo.

Cons: More likely to be "between sizes". Takes longer to do than velcro. Can be more confusing for caregivers. Sometimes causes wear on fabric.

All said and done, I use both. Velcro BG 3.0s on my big boy, and I've switched to snap Best Bottoms for my little one as he learned how to undo the other covers. They each have their merits, which do you prefer??


Jamie said...

I prefer snaps for night time. Velcro during the day.

armywife1229 said...

I prefer snaps for this reason: my son can't undo them, (even though he did figure it out last night). I also like that I don't have to mess with laundry tabs, diaper chains in the dryer, etc.

Amber Edwards said...

I am a Velcro lady myself, but I do know it won't be long until baby girl learns to undo THAT time I will switch to snaps. I do keep a few snaps on hand just for that purpose.

Also, I Love the Velcro because my baby is SO squirmy during diaper changes, it goes a lot faster than snaps. Otherwise she would be half way out of the room with only one snap on and half the diaper hanging off. lol.

Jenny said...

I prefer the snaps. I have some velcro but they look dingy and get stuck to stuff in the wash. Over time they don't stick at all and get tossed sooner. I haven't had much problem with the between sizes with snaps.

Angel said...

I prefer snaps, but I like to have velcro, too. The velcro is easier for Dad and babysitters to use. The snaps wear better over time, though.

stampedwithgrace said...

when my baby was little I preferred velcro because he was so squirmy that I could barely get a diaper even on him! but now that I've used cloth for over a year, I prefer snaps. the velcro isn't holding up as well as I'd prefer and he can't undo the snaps yet. my favorites are BG 4.0 and Flip diapers :)
although I do have a few BG AIO diapers with velcro for babysitters and the church nursery.

Kristi said...

I prefer Alpix because I have arthritis. Some days snaps are just too much for me and instead of switching to disposables to reduce the pain(thanks anyway MOM!) I can use the diapers with Alpix and it is just as easy.

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