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Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Cloth Diaper Journey

When I was pregnant, I started looking in to cloth diapers.  I was amazed at how cool (and cute) they were.  I started thinking of all the money we could save by using cloth.  I thought about how my baby would never have to wear a plasticy, papery disposable diaper.  Then I thought about how to convince my husband that we needed to do this.

After the talk about money savings, better for baby, better for the environment, he couldn’t get past the ick factor.  He was afraid that our washing machine was going to become a poopy mess.  I explained how breast fed baby poop is water soluble, and that you just swish or spray off other poops.  I did everything I could to assure him that our washing machine would do just fine.  After all of that, I still couldn’t get him on board.

Fast forward to August 2010.
Our adorable little boy is 3 months old.  We’ve been using sposies since the day he was born, and every poop equals a change of clothes.  No matter what brand we tried, he leaked out of all of them.

Then, one day, while buying a $40 box of diapers, I made a decision.  We were going to try cloth, and I was going to convince my husband that this was the way to go.  I was tired of ruined clothes, and money down the drain.  Amazingly, my husband agreed!

Two weeks later, I bought my first cloth diapers!  I bought 5 bumGenius 3.0’s.  It was enough to get us cloth diapering at least half the day, and I was washing every night.  After about a week, we knew that we didn’t like the pocket diapers.  They didn’t fit him well, and we were having leaking issues.

We were going to buy Flip diapers, because we could get them locally, but we had a few concerns about them.  We didn’t like the one-size insert, or the fact that there is nothing to hold them in place.  We talked about buying Flips and making our own sized inserts, and possibly adding something to hold them in place.  Then I did a Google search.

“Diapers like Flips”
And I discovered Best Bottom diapers.  They had sized inserts, snaps to hold the inserts in, and they had double leg gussets to help hold in the poo.  Yes please!  They addressed all the concerns we had with the Flips, plus some.  So, I sold my bG’s and ordered some Best Bottom’s.

We immediately loved them.  The materials are so nice (nicer than the bG’s I think), they are super trim, and they don’t leak!  Better still, my husband loves them!

We are now a full time Best Bottom family.  I’ve even branched out and purchased some Imagine prefolds and Kissaluv’s contours.  All from Nicki’s!  As for my husband, he is officially a cloth diaper lover!  He even offered to install a diaper sprayer for me, and I didn’t even have to ask!

By Guest Blogger: Nikki Moore


Fiona Padaon said...

Love this blog! After doing a ton of research we ordered Best Bottoms too! We can wait for our little guy to come so we can start using them! love your story!

Anonymous said...

My husband also thought I was crazy when I brought up the idea of using cloth diapers when I was pregnant. He thought we'd be doing laundry non-stop. And was also afraid of the poop in the machine. But now, he loves changing our daughter's diaper and prides himself on how well he does with her Best Bottoms! When she does wear a disposable here and there when we travel, he refers to the disposable as her "fake" diaper and the Best Bottoms as her "real" diaper. And, the laundry is not that big of an issue. What takes the most time with laundry (for me) is folding, of which there is none with these diapers. Just wash, dry, and re-use! Also, we've had no more "blow outs" with the Best Bottoms than with any disposables. Our daughter is 3+ months old and we've used the Best Bottoms since she was 6 weeks old.

Kerry said...

First time hearing about Best Bottoms and I'm definitely intrigued! I've been doing lots of research to prep for the birth of my first child, and have a multitude of different brands/styles of cloth diapers waiting in the wings. I wanted to have a small collection to try out what would work best for us...and I think I'll have to add some Best Bottoms to the pile!

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