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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Item of the Week

Bum Wear One-Size Pocket Diaper without thigh snap (no insert) $13.95!!!! Item of the Week runs Wednesday through the following Wednesday Wednesday is DOUBLE DEAL DAY with overlapping Items of the Week!


Nicole said...

Still like the best bottom diapers better :O)

Greg and Farrell Clark said...

Might have to try these too for this good deal! Thanks!

Josefine said...

Looks like a great deal!

caedmen said...

Never tried one of these befoe but it looks great, might have to convince the hubs to let me order one.

Sarah DJ said...

Really liking the look of the BestBottoms, but perhaps I'll have to add one of these to my order to try out!

Nisha said...

I'm thinking I might try one of these... thanks!

Danielle said...

These are cute colors, but I think I'm going to wait for my Best Bottom Diapers before I try another style!

stampedwithgrace said...

so many neat diapers to choose from :)

kristen said...

AAAH, this is so cute! I am going to have more diapers than I know what to do with! I can't help myself from ordering more!

a said...

I like the extra row of snaps for newbies and little babies. That's a good idea, since so many OS diapers just don't accomodate them well.

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