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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Item of the Week

Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size USA Made Cloth Diapers On Sale $14.00 w/Insert!! Item of the Week Runs Wednesday through the following Wednesday Wednesdays are DOUBLE DEAL DAYS with overlapping Items of the Week!


l88dybugsgt said...

Oooh, just placed my order for The BestBottom diaper and would LOVE to add a FB to my stash! Thanks for the chance!

crys0904 said...

I just bought a FB and LOVE it! So soft and no leaks!

caridadanne said...

Just got some of the ones on sale!!! Thankyou!! I love the FB for overnights or long car rides. Otherwise, I am using prefolds and Thirsties covers.

a said...

I love the look of FB and I like that they have snaps. I've never used microfiber though and I use grocery store dtergent so I don't know if they'd work for me.

Dani said...

What a deal! I need to start filling my cart!

Rachel said...

I love FBs; they make up most of our stash :).

jill said...

I loved FBs with my second baby and my friend bought a load of them to use with her newborn and to motivate her next oldest to move on into potty usage. :)

Anonymous said...

We were given several used FBs and they make great backups for our stash. I'd be curious to try the newer versions (these are several years old).

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