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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The First Year Freak-Out!

One-Size Diapers are incredibly popular and with good reason! They allow you to change the sizing on the diaper to grow with your child, making cloth diapers even more economical! However, one of the most frequently asked questions we get at Nicki's Diapers is something like, "My 7 month old is so chunky and is already on the largest setting of his one-size diapers! There is no way these are going to fit through potty training! What do I do?!" I can almost hear the panic in their voice as I read it, because I've been there!

Let me tell you, it's going to be OK! The vast majority of children DO potty train out of their one-size diapers, even if they were a super chunky baby! Let me tell you my story :) Ian, my oldest son, came into the world more than 4 years ago at a whopping 9 pounds 11 ounces (born at 39 weeks, yikes!). We didn't start cloth diapering him till he was about 12 weeks old and we exclusively used BumGenius 3.0 One-Size Pocket Diapers. Right off the bat, Ian was on the second largest setting and within a couple months, they diapers were fully unsnapped. I was FREAKED! Did I just drop hundreds of dollars on these diapers only to use them for a few months?!

Then, he started to crawl and slimmed down a bit. Then, he started to walk and slimmed down even more. He was never an incredibly rolly polly baby, just really solid. Their body shape changes as they grow and even those who have maxed out the rise of the diaper will likely still be using them well into toddlerhood! I've also found that the more mobile baby becomes, the easier it is for them to have a lower rise diaper. As the close in on potty training, it more resembles underwear then, too! So, the good news is that when he potty trained just before his 3rd birthday at about 32 pounds, he was still fitting beautifully in his one-size diapers and we had actually snapped man of them down a snap to get a more trim fit under his toddler sized jeans. Just a couple months ago, our family was hit with a stomach virus and at 4 years old and 40 pounds, I put Ian back into one-size diapers for a couple days without any fit issues!


Pictured above, (left) Ian at 7 months old with the diaper fully unsnapped and (right, below) Ian at 2 1/2 years old, still wearing one-size diapers! So if you're like me and many of the concerned parents who's little one seems to be growing at a rapid rate, take a deep breath! You're not the only one to be having the "First Year Freak-Out!"!


Kamron said...

Thanks for the info! I can't believe Ian was standing at 7 months!

Annie said...

He could stand holding onto things at 4 months and was walking at 9 1/2 months, my freak of nature baby. I look at Emmett now and no way could he be standing like that in one month!

RaeO said...

I definitely remember that feeling...when the diapers were fully unsnapped and my daughter was only 9 or 10 mos old. But yep, just like you say, she slimmed down as she got mobile and they continued fitting (and I even had to put them back onto the middle rise setting at one point).

Michelle Elenbaas said...

I actually am having this trouble with my 2.5 year old. She doesn't seem that big but the only diaper I can fit on her is tweedlebug. I think part of the issue for us is we use 2 flat diapers so it's pretty thick. But otherwise, she's constantly leaking with prefolds! Anyway, if you DO have this trouble - I reccommend the tweedlebug diaper covers they are definitely bigger than any other I've tried!

Cristin said...

My son is almost 2 and we're starting to think about potty training... and his BG AIO still fit great! Prefolds too :-) As babies turn into toddlers they thin out and the AIO's still fit, which is great!

Jessica Varney said...

This is good to know looking ahead:)

Sarah said...

Thank goodness. I was freaking out. My four month old is 21 lbs and super-chunky around the legs. His dipes are pretty snug now. Hopefully he'll shoot up and slim down in the legs soon.

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