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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cloth Diapering From Day 1: Fitteds and Wool

Something I learned very early on with my first child is that no matter how small the baby, they are fully capable of putting out obscene amounts of urine. I'm all too familiar with double stuffing pocket diapers, adding extra inserts to prefolds and searching for the perfect solution for overnight.

It was no surprise to me when our 3rd some came along that he was also a heavy wetter! Even though we were changing him at least twice per night, I still had to construct a properly absorbent diaper to last more than a couple hours without leaking! My search for the perfect night diaper came to an end on night, thanks to a mis-communication between me and a small error by my husband! Instead of putting one of the assigned "night diapers" on Emmett before bed, my husband had a slip of the mind (sleep deprivation?) and put a simple prefold with one of our hand-me-down wool soakers over it. I also forgot to mention to him that I was going to try to avoid changing Emmett's diaper at night because the cool air on his bottom was keeping him awake. Normally, I'd say this was the perfect storm for a full clothing and sheets change in the middle of the night. I was FLOORED when I woke up the next morning and changed his diaper to find that combination. So then I got thinking, if a prefold could hold, can you imagine what a good fitted could do?!

Enter, the Babykicks One-Side Hemp Fitted! This diaper is soft, stretchy and can hold a river! It's a pocket fitted that includes a Joey Bunz Hemp insert but can be stuffed with more if you need it! I love the color coded snaps because it makes diaper changes a breeze, knowing which snap I'm snapping without searching. The side snaps make for a nice trim fit, even on my youngest son, and allow for my potty training 2 1/2 year old to pull it up and down on his own. This one-size diapers adjusts with a snap-up rise that fits birth to approximately 40 pounds. Is your baby between snap sizes? Find out how to use a Snappi for a custom fit with the Babykicks One-Size Fitted Diaper here! The gentle elastic in the back and legs hold in messes without leaving red marks and the natural fibers against my boys' SUPER sensitive skin allows for breathability. There is a very informative video explaining all the feature of the Babykicks One-Size Fitted here.

Emmett is 2 months old and just over 12 pounds. I use this diaper for him overnight paired with Little Beetle Wool Soaker Shorts. I found the diaper to be absorbent enough with the single hemp insert it comes with, but for larger children I might suggest adding an additional Joey Bunz Hemp Insert. Emmett wears this diaper on the smallest rise setting and on the second smallest waist setting. Lots of room to grow!

Why wool you might ask? Wool covers or soakers are really nice for daily wear, but even BETTER for overnight! Wool is a natural fiber, so it's breathable and allows air to your little one's bottom at night, often preventing irritation. It's naturally antimicrobial and won't retain odor. Unless it gets soiled, it only needs to be washed every couple weeks. The best thing about wool for overnight it is absorbs 40% off it's weight in liquid without feeling damp, so it's great for super soakers!

Sean is 2 1/2 years old and about 30 pounds. He wears the diapers on the 2nd largest rise setting and since he is potty training, I snap is on the largest waist setting so he can easily pull it up and down. The natural fibers allow Sean to feel if he wets in it, which encourages him to use the potty!

I'm so in love with this diaper that I want you to try it, too! Now though February 7th, get 10% off all Babykicks Products! Also, look for a giveaway for your chance to WIN a Babykicks One-Size Fitted Diaper!

1 comment:

~M said...

Currently, our stash consistents solely of size large Best Bottoms (mostly hemp inserts, a few stay-dry inserts, and 4 microfiber overnights). But we're getting leaks, especially at night time and sometimes at nap time. Would it work to use a large size hemp Best Bottom insert in this Babykicks (with a cover, of course), and possibly the included medium hemp insert, instead of buying additional Joey Bunz Hemp Inserts? Thanks in advance!

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