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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reusable Pads? Are you nuts?!

I am not going to lie, this was what I thought when I saw reusable mama pads while searching for some diapers.  I didn’t even like disposable pads, why think of one you have to wash?! It was a freaky subject! Soon, a friend of mine, wanted testers as she was starting to make diapers and all the accessories. I figured why not, since it was very little cost to me just a few dollars to ship! I  LOVED them! That’s right the thing that I vowed, I would never try I did and I liked them. Let me tell you, they hold amazingly well. They are soo comfortable that you barely know they are there. They fit great, and with the right soaker fabrics can be super trim and no one will notice! I was done, paying for the highest brand of pads to still be unhappy about them.

Chemicals, chemicals, chemicals! You’ve heard of all the toxins in diapers and tampons right? They are in sanitary napkins too, and may be harmful. YIKES! Those chemicals may also effect your period, and hormones crazy huh? With cloth menstrual pads you may actually make your period shorter and lighter!  Just about every woman wants that correct?

Onto the money factor. Now with varying flows, still the average woman spends about $100 a year on sanitary napkins. I’ve seen cloth about 5-8 each depending the size/absorbency. You can get about 8-15 (15 for super heavy flow to just have spares in case). You can normally get a three pack for about $13-19. You will need at least three of these three packs. That is about 45 dollars for a stash of pads that will last up to seven years. By the first year, you’re already splitting your money in half! Caring for your reusable pads are fairly simple, especially if you are used to cloth diapers.  Just rinse in cold water and then wash in hot with a very small amount (I use just a pinch of powder detergent or a drop of liquid) of natural/additive free detergent.  They can either be hung to dry or the dryer on low for 15-20 minutes without dryer sheets.  I urge you to try cloth for yourself! We need some pampering too,and you may just be hooked.

By Guest Blogger - Samantha


diane said...

Do you rinse them in the sink before washing? Can you just throw them in the diaper pail? This is very interesting to me...

Catherine said...

I rinse mine in the sink and then wash them with towels (I am scared of somehow hurting my diapers- not that it has ever hurt my towels). I have a small wet bag in my bathroom for them. I also really recommend them. I was apprehensive because the disposable ones always rubbed me the wrong way- or so I thought. Turns out I am actually allergic to the disposable variety. Cloth is so much more comfortable! I actually never want to put a baby in a disposable diapers again after seeing how much more comfortable cloth was for me! I LOVE my cloth pads!

Lisa said...

Can those who use recommend good brands or places to buy? Seems there are so many that it's hard to know what to try.

Angela said...

I have always hated pads, but while I was pregnant I found myself in need of an everyday discharge panty liner. When I was fed up with disposables I tried a cloth liner and was THRILLED. After my pregnancy I purchased a diva cup I pair it with a cloth panty liner for regular or heavy days. I am out of the disposable menstration product market for good now, and I could not be happier about it! SOOO glad I gave these a try!

Angela said...

I have had good luck shopping on etsy, though my favorite seller just switched to Her store is at
I think her prices are good, and I like her products, though she doesn't always have a big inventory, so you may not be able to get as many as you want of a certain size/absorbancy. Many of her products are patterned, which I prefer, as then I don't notice any slight discoloration that occurs over time. I wonder if with whites I would notice some yellowing and go crazy trying to get it "clean" looking?
Also, wings are a MUST (in my opinon at least). Otherwise they don't stay.

Erin said...

Thanks for this posting! I'm very interested in making the switch to mama cloth! I, too, was disgusted by it at first lol, but after cloth diapering successfully for the past 7 months, I am sold on this idea! I hate spending the $10-$20 a month on feminine products and this seems like a great, sustainable, and MUCH more healthy solution! I'm hoping to make the switch when AF returns! :)

Dawn said...

This is very interesting.
Curious for those that have done/are doing this....did you notice any change in your period itself? You know - make it shorter and lighter?

Victoria said...

No one mentioned the concern of smell. When I wore pads, I hate the smell. Is there any sort of smell with these? Or is it the same as with the pads?

knittingnut02 said...

I've used mama cloth for over 8 years now and have not had any problems with smells. My favorites are the fuzzibunz one shown in the picture (I prefer the fleece to the flannel of others). Right now, I throw them right in the diaper pail with the dirty diapers. I don't rinse beforehand and have not had any problems with staining.

Anonymous said...

I have been using Domino pads ( They are soft, comfortable, and pretty. They are also not bulky. Care is so easy...rinse with cold water and throw them in with your diapers or towels. Easy peasy....just the way I like it. smell with mine. I noticed smell with the disposable ones.
Dawn....I have noticed a slight change with using the menstral cup and cloth pads. The cramping is less and the flow is down to 5 days instead of 7 days.

fatanda said...

I like to use our diaper sprayer that's attached to the toilet. And they're SO SOFT!! I have noticed a significant decrease in smell... I think it's because they are more absorbent? Anyway, I'm glad I got over my initial hesitancy and tried these! Never going back!

Angela said...

I LOVE the softness too! I saw on one website they advertised them as "a hug for your vagina" which made me laugh more than anything.
I also noticed a smell with disposable pads (particularly postpartum) and with cloth -- NOTHING! The smell was a large part of why I started looking for alternatives. Postpartum, tampons or the cup were not options, so cloth it was.

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