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Friday, February 4, 2011

On finding 'stashisfaction'

I've been cloth diapering my oldest full-time for about 18 months.  My youngest is now 14 months old and he's been in cloth since day one.  I think at this point I've used just about every choice possible with varying degrees of success.  I thought at one point that I could purchase a whole system of one-size diapers that would work perfectly for both boys.  I forgot, however, that every kid is different.  My big guy is tall and lanky, and not potty-trained yet now at a bit over three years old.  My youngest is now a small but solid (stocky!) guy who finds great joy in taking off velcro diapers.

I used prefolds and covers for awhile, sized appropriately for my boys.  They are, unfortunately, very heavy wetters and have sensitive skin, so I needed something that was going to keep their skin drier, especially overnight.  Contours had essentially the same problem.  Just not the perfect fit for us.

I started using hemp and bamboo fitteds overnight.  The BabyKicks one-size hemp fitteds, Bamboozle fitteds, and Kiwi Pie fitteds are some of my favorites.  I really love using wool longies (like Aristocrat) over fitteds, especially at night.  Very simple and bulletproof.  I also use all-in-ones at night, but only Dream-Eze (for some reason their absorbency and fit is good for my boys - they're now the GroVia AIOs).

During the day, I found that pockets were easiest for us.  I stuff them right out of the laundry, and then they're ready to go.  My big guy is still in bumGenius pockets, and I hope those will work till he is out of diapers.  The little guy has a smorgasbord of diapers.  Pockets and all-in-ones are what I tend to stick with during the day, as that system just fits our lifestyle the best.  For him, I love the Blueberry pockets, Rumparooz pockets, and BabyKicks Bumboo pocket diapers.

It has taken a long time to find out what works for us.  I've bought and sold a TON of diapers.  My message to you is to not get discouraged if one brand or style doesn't work for you.  Try something else!  Tell us what you liked/didn't like and we'll try to help find the PERFECT diaper system for you.  Take advantage of our sampler packages and try lots of different things.  There is a perfect system out there for you, and we'll help you figure it out.

By Casey


Angela said...

Where do you sell the diapers that didn't work for you? I love finding new things that work great, but I am usually too scared to spend the money and end up with something that doesn't work, I'd like it if I could recoup some of that and see someone else use the product at the same time.

Casey said...

Craigslist has given me good results, and a bonus you get to meet another cloth diapering parent :)

Nicki's also has the 15 day program that's worth a look!

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