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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rumparooz Diaper Review!

I picked up a Rumparooz One-Size Pocket Diaper to try out, and I'm in love.  The first thing that caught my eye was the cover patterns -- how CUTE!  When I started to look at the features of these diapers, I realized how awesome they are.

First -- double inner gussets.  What!?  So amazing at keeping in poo!  I really like this feature, and am impressed that they don't leave marks or anything on my little guy.

The sizing is fairly generous, and I admit that I haven't tried it on my big boy, but I can venture a guess that it would fit him fine.  There is still a lot of room to grow for my 22lb boy.

Another unique thing about this diaper is the soaker system.  The insert has several different options based on the size and absorbency needs of your child.  You can snap the insert into small, medium, or large.  You can then add the contoured doubler for even more absorbency in the front for a boy of in the middle for a girl -- where it counts!  With both inserts, it's pretty bulky but VERY absorbent and still awesome for daytime.

I personally love it as a naptime diaper.  Have you tried a Rumparooz?


Mama Goose said...

That's interesting, I generally think of these as being rather small for a one-size diaper. I have 5 and am diapering a 2 year old and 6 month old. They fit my 6 month old on the largest setting (he's 18 pounds) and I don't try them on my 2 year old. I love their construction though, and the inner gusset is phenomenal.

knittingnut02 said...

It took me a while to get comfortable with the fit of these diapers. They are definitely a below-the-belly diaper. Even with the lower rise, I've never had a mess even come close to reaching the outside of the diaper, thanks to the inner gussets. These are one of my go-to nap and bed time diapers. My 10 month old has gone 12+ hours in this diaper without leaking (and there's plenty of room for lots of stuffing too). I look forward to getting more when the budget allows.

Lisa said...

i just got one at a great deal at a local store. I loved it.

Kelly Ryans Mom said...

I got one, and then got 4 more for christmas! Love them! they fit my 20mo 30lb little guy great, they do have a lower rise, but its not an issue! its the only cd that doesnt leak at night! makes me one happy mommy that doesnt have to change his sheets everyday!I love how soft they are and love the patterns, one of the few diapers that has alot of boy type patterns! I think when we have baby #2 they will be what I ask for since they are size-able. we have been using bg aio and have had to buy meds and larges, so i dont have baby cd! I love my RAR and would recommend them to anyone

Roshi said...

Interesting different mama's different preferences. RaR are the only diaper I feel like I wasted money on 2out of 4 have had the pul separated. Plus they run small in my opinion My daughter is 18 pounds and at the middle rise. I do like the inner gussets and the patterns they come in.

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