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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Flip Diaper Review

I've tried a lot of different diapers over the past few years, and one that remains in my rotation (although I only have one) is the Flip diaper system by bumGenius.

It consists of a cover plus insert, making it an AI2/hybrid diaper.  The covers are one-size, making it economical.  You simply place soiled inserts into the pail and place a clean insert in the cover.  Easy.  I find the fit excellent on my boys -- the stretch is very forgiving and generous in the upper weight range, and the cover fits both my 22lb boy and my 35lb boy well (with room to grow!)

The cloth insert choices are Stay-Dry or Organic Cotton, and are both one-size -- you fold them to create the correct length (small, medium, or large).  There are ALSO disposable inserts, in packs of 18, which make traveling or caregiver situations even easier!

Overall, I really like the Flip system and would suggest it to those looking for a multitude of options.  Have you tried the Flip diapers?


Nichole said...

I haven't but I would love to one day! I just cannot spend the money since we already have enough diapers for both babies.

Ashley said...

Thanks for this review. I have been doing some research and the Flip system is what is going to work best for us money wise. We have a 23lb boy and a 35lb boy so its nice to know they work well on both those sizes!!

Susan Shaw said...

I love the flip system they are great ;-)

Allison said...

Flips are my all time favorite cover! They are so easy to use and I've never once had a blow out. The way the tabs stretch is amazing.

I use infant size prefolds inside the covers- just trifold and lay it in the cover like an insert and it works great. You can also place a piece of fleece on top of the prefold to wick away moisture. I do have a couple of Flip stay dry inserts, which I also love, but the prefolds were a more economical option.

I seriously love my Flips and I only wish I'd discovered them sooner!

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