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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's up with wipes?

I know what you're thinking. "I just finally figured out all there is to know about cloth diapers, now you're telling me I have to learn about cloth WIPES too?" Just like with diapers, there are different styles and routines that work better for each family. The key is finding what works for YOU. Why cloth wipes? Environmentally, for the same reasons as you use cloth diapers. Less waste, less chemicals. Good stuff. Cost-wise, you end up saving a lot by re-using wipes instead of throwing them away. Ease of use? If you're cloth diapering anyway, why throw away wipes when everything else gets tossed in a wet bag? For cloth diapering families, many times cloth wipes just make sense. What options are out there? Cloth wipes can be everything from pieces of fleece or cotton terry to wipes made from bamboo or hemp. Lots of kinds out there. I surveyed some moms I know, and many preferred thinner, more pliable wipes of the cotton or flannel variety. Apparently this is especially important with girls for hygiene -- something I wouldn't immediately consider! Flannel baby wipes are what I use in my house, and I've been pleased with the durability. What should I consider when choosing a wipe? Do you want absorbency? Softness? Durability? Cute colors? Do you want thick, hearty wipes or something more pliable? How many do you need? I find that I typically need LESS wipes per diaper change with cloth, as they seem to clean more thoroughly. How do I use them? This gets a little tricky to answer. Just like every family has their own diaper system, each family has a slightly different method of preparing and storing wipes. Personally, I keep them in a bin (dry) until I need them. I spray as many as I need with wipe solution (more on that later) and pop dirty wipes into the wet bag with the diapers. I carry a spray bottle of solution and dry wipes in my diaper bag on trips. Some families moisten the needed wipes all together in a container for the day's use. Some combine the methods and pre-moisten for leaving the home. All are correct methods if they work for you! Wipe solution? Nicki's Diapers offers several wipe solutions. I personally use the LuSa Organics Baby Wipe Juice. I mix it up in a spray bottle (the peri bottles from the hospital are PERFECT for this) and store the bottle with my wipes. Easy! If you're into the DIY scene, here's a recipe to make your own wipe solution, too! Here's an awesome video for instructions on folding cloth wipes for that "pop-up" disposable effect -- so great if you're storing your wipes in an old disposable wipes box! If disposable wipes are still your thing, Nicki's has you covered there, too -- we offer a couple varieties of disposable wipes (that are a little more on the natural side!) as well. Don't forget a wipe pouch or small wet bag to keep your wipes moist and organized! Still have questions? Leave a comment on this post! Tell us about your favorite cloth wipes and your system!


Anonymous said...

During the time that I cloth diapered my daughter (11 to 17 months), I actually made my own cloth wipes out of flannel receiving blankets that we had received as gifts and never used. I just cut them to size, and used the zig zag stitch on my sewing machine on the edges to put two pieces together, making the wipe thick enough but still thin for the girl's hygiene that you talked about. Serging would work, too.

I loved my wipes. They cost me next to nothing, and worked perfectly. It was a great way to repurpose flannel receiving blankets that would have sat in a drawer otherwise.

Casey said...

Homemade, up-cycled wipes are awesome indeed!

dannyscotland said...

I couldn't get used to cloth wipes the first time I tried them. Then I read about a mom who used an old squirt-style water bottle to store her solution, and she'd just squirt some on the wipe before use. I got some great recycled wipes off Etsy, and voila! Works like magic for me. Had I not read about the water bottle, I would not be using cloth wipes successfully today. (And now I love them!)

Casey said...

The bottle of ready-to-go solution was the answer to my frustration, too. Glad you got them to work for you!

Anonymous said...

We use a cloth wipes warmer and keep water in it with a stack of dry wipes next to it. We dip the wipe before each change. For the diaper bag now that he is bigger I just take dry wipes and use water from a faucet or water bottle. I love thick cloth wipes and couldn't imagine using anything else.

Sarah said...

I was given TONS of baby wash cloths at my shower, and I ended up just using those! I also do a squirt bottle with ready made solution. My husband uses a bowl of warm water (no solution) - but i'm to lazy to go get a bowl of warm water every time i change him. LOL.

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