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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Toys, toys, toys!

You probably know Nicki’s for all the wonderful cloth diapers, breastfeeding and baby wearing products that we carry. You might not know about some of the other products that we carry, like toys! We have a wonderful selection of toys for your infant, toddler, and big brother or sister!

If you’re looking for a great shower or new baby gift for someone, you can’t go wrong with a Vulli Sophie the Giraffe or Chan Pie Gnon. These soft, squeaky toys are made with all-natural rubber and food grade paint so you can feel safe letting baby chomp away. They are easy to grasp and easy to wash! Sophie the Giraffe is a favorite with a baby cutting teeth, as the long, skinny legs are easy enough to get back near molars but don’t post a choking risk. Vulli also makes vanilla scented rings that are soft and easy for little fingers to keep hold of.

If you’re looking for a wooden toy, The Toy Workshop’s Flexi Characters come in a variety of creatures including pirates, clowns, doctors, and firemen. These characters have a moveable head arms and legs and encourage a child’s imagination! For the younger ones, iPlay wooden rattles are made of 100% natural, sustainable wood and are completely safe for baby to chew on!

Under the Nile makes some of the cutest, softest toys you’ve ever seen! These soft toys are made from 100% organic cotton, even the filling is organic! You’ll find them in the shape of fruits and veggies, a variety of animals, soft sleeping dolls, bugs, and teething rings.

If you’re looking for a great gift for a big brother or sister, we have a few things that would be perfect for them! Give them their own personal carrier (Hotsling, Moby or Ergo!) to carry their baby dolls in, just like mom carries their baby sibling! Encourage them use a cloth diaper their dolls with Happy Heiny’s doll diapers in a variety of colors and patterns. One of my personal favorite toys at Nicki’s are the Manhattan Toys Nursing Pets! Let Nursing Nina the Cat, Nana the Dog or Nuna the Pig help your child understand breastfeeding. These pets each come with 3 babies that “nurse” and attach to their mama by magnets.

Make sure to check out the Toys section on our website for a variety of other fun products at Nicki’s!

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