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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Handling Soiled Diapers

One of the most common questions is “What do I do with poopy diapers?” Wet diapers or exclusively breast fed bowel movements can go directly in the wash. When starting cereal or purees however, BM’s need to be disposed of before washing.. There are a couple of options. I’m sure one of them can work for you. At Soren’s 4mon check up our pediatrician gave the ok to start solids. I had been dreading the day I wouldn’t be able to toss his diapers all in the wash anymore. Now his BM diapers are no longer water soluble and need to be rinsed off first. It’s really not so bad and is actually quite easy with a diaper sprayer. Nicki’s sells 3 different brands; bumGenius, Mini Shower, and Sigma diaper sprayers. These all hook up to your toilet and are super easy to use. You can even adjust the water pressure to your preference. No biggie! After I had rinsed his diaper thoroughly, I didn’t know what to do with a dripping diaper. I wanted an easy place to put it until I was ready to do the wash. We have a very small bathroom so adding a diaper pail in there wasn’t really an option. The solution came when I heard about hanging wet bags. What a great idea! I thought I can just hang one in the bathroom on the other side of the toilet and it is right there. No more dripping diapers across my bathroom to my diaper pail. My favorites are the Planet Wise hanging wet/dry bags. They are so cute and you can chose a color or pattern to coordinate with your bathrom decor. They have many uses, too! We use them for other things like wet swimsuits and towels in the summer. If rinsing isn’t your thing, Nicki’s also has flushable diaper liners. Talk about ingenious and easy to use. There are several different brands at Nicki's; Imse Vimse Flushable Liners, Bummis Biosoft liners and Motherease biodegradable liners. The Imse Vimse and Bummis brand come in two sizes while the Motherease can be folded to fit different sized diapers. These go between your baby and their diaper and catch any solid waste. Then just flush away the mess. These are great for road trips or when you’re going to be out of the house. No matter which you choose, the diaper sprayer or the liners, it’s really at lot easier than people think!

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