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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Storing Dirty Diapers

Contrary to popular belief, it is no longer recommended to store your dirty cloth diapers in a wet pail. Good thing, because not only are they messy, but they are a breeding ground for bacteria and they are also a drowning hazard for small children! There are two easy ways to store your dirty diapers while you’re waiting for wash day. You can use a flip top pail with a pail liner, or you can use a large hanging wetbag.

If you’re going to use a pail, it’s nice to have 2 pail liners so that you can have one in the pail and one in the wash. Planetwise pail liners are seam sealed to hold in wetness and stink! They come in a lot of fun colors, too, so you can match them to the nursery!

There is a special little place on the diaper pail to hold Deodisks. They absorb any lingering odor and leave a fresh, but not overwhelming, citrus scent. One Deodisk lasts from 3-4 weeks and they come in packages of 5 for $3.25. If you’re looking something to tackle a really stinky diaper, try sprinkling some Fluff Dust on it when you throw it in the pail. It’s an all natural deodorizer than comes in a variety of scents like Fresh Picked Rose and California Fields. It also does double duty and can be used as a carpet or litterbox deodorizer or a scrub for your bathroom sink!

If you’re looking to save a little space or just want something a little more visually appealing than a diaper pail, a hanging wetbag may be for you! These large wetbags can be hung off a doorknob or on the end of the changing table and you just toss the dirty diapers in it! I especially like the Planetwise hanging wet/dry bags because they zip shut and have an extra dry pocket to store things like ointment and wipes. The prints are adorable, too!

You've got dirty diapers and we've got the solution! Questions? Never hesitate to ask!



Cristin said...

Geez, good to know!! I think I knew that standing water in diaper pails was out. I like the hanging wet bag idea since we have a fairly small place. Great post, keep em coming!!
Oh, and we just found out yesterday we're having a BOY!! I'm still getting used to the idea but I'm really happy :-)

naturalmama said...

i went with a 10 dollar pop lid trash can from walmart and 1.50 mesh laundry bags to line it with. it works so far... i just sanitize the pail itself inside on wash day with a lysol wipe. but i would really love to try one of those wet bags i saw them and they are pretty cute.

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