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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Building a Newborn Stash

If you’re pregnant and planning to cloth diaper your new little one, this post is for you! I’m going to tell you everything you need to get through the first few months of cloth diapering by building what I believe to be the ultimate newborn diaper stash! Actually, I’m going to show you two different examples of ultimate newborn stashes, the first one will be the less expensive route and the second one will be a little bit more expensive.

First, a few things… We recommend washing your diapers every other day. This means you’ll need 2 days worth of diapers, plus a few extras for your baby to wear when you’re washing and for those diaper changes that they pee when you’re changing them. So if we’re considering a newborn, you’ll probably need somewhere between 24 and 36 diapers. It’s also important to note that while many one-size diapers say they fit from birth though potty training, most baby's thighs aren't quite large enough to fill them out till about 10 pounds and they may leak through the legs till they're a bit bigger. If you want to start CDing before they reach 10 pounds, the 2 options below are the most popular route with Nicki’s customers.

Newborn Stash #1 –The Cheapest Route!

2-3 dozen NB or standard infant prefolds ($29-$43.50 for NB, $32-$48 for infant)

6 NB or XS covers ($43.50 for Proraps, $66 for Thirsties)

2 Snappis ($5.75 for 2-pack)

6 Kissaluv 0 fitteds ($77.70)

TOTAL approx. $156-$198

Part of the reason that I cloth diaper is to save money, so when we were getting ready to have our second son, we wanted to go the cheaper route for his newborn diapers. We knew our younger guy wouldn’t fit into his older brother’s OS pockets for at least a month, but we didn’t want to be buying and throwing away disposables in that time. Some people are intimidated by prefolds, but having used them on my toddler, I knew I could handle them on a newborn. Let me tell you, putting them on a newborn is so much easier than a wiggly toddler! At night I preferred the Kissaluvs because they were just a tad easier to be putting on in a more sleep-deprived state. As far as covers go, our most popular for a newborn at the NB and small Proraps and the Thirsties XS. Both of these covers have the extra leg gusset that is perfect for holding in the NB poop.

Newborn Stash #2 – A Little More Expensive

2-3 dozen XS AIOs or pocket diapers ($382.80-$574.20 for BumGenius AIOs, $406.80-$610.20 for Fuzzi Bunz XS pockets)

TOTAL approx. $383-$610

Some people prefer the ease of an all-in-one or a pocket right from the get-go. If you want something that is most like a disposable, a size all-in-one or a sized pocket might be what you’re looking for. The most popular sized AIO’s and pockets for newborns are BumGenius 3.0 XS (or small) All-In-Ones and Fuzzi Bunz XS pocket diapers.

You will need a few accessories to complete your newborn stash, including a diaper pail, 2 pail liners, a few wetbags, some cloth wipes and some wipe solution. That should do it! You’re all ready for your new little one to arrive, at least in the cloth diaper department anyhow!

Oh, I should add…since they grow so fast when they’re little, they’ll be moving up into the next size diapers (or into OS diapers) before you know it! If you’re done having children or don’t plan to hold onto the small diapers for the next baby, you can resell your diapers at Under My Crib and get back some of your money to buy the next size diaper!



Chari said...

I tried using PF and covers with my newborn, but since just about every diaper change is a poo then it would be on the cover and I would not be able to clean it well to re-use it again. I had to buy several more covers just because of that. I tried all different kinds of folding the prefold as well.

Is there something I was doing wrong or do you have a suggestion?

Cristin said...

THANKS For this post!! I am precisely that new momma (in March '10) and I needed that info... I think I'm going to go the route of mostly prefolds and some BG 3.0's interspersed. Atleast to start! Thanks so much!

Chappelear Family said...

I love prefolds at home and when we head to daycare we use the all-in-one pocket diaper. (I wish we would have gotten smaller covers for our little guy he was 6lbs9oz at birth so the covers we had were a bit big.) I found that using the snappie closer keeps things cleaner than just folding and stuff. I also folded down the part of a flat pre-fold diaper that was around his back This seemed to help things fit more under the wrap

The Carrolls said...

I LOVE prefolds, snappi & covers for newborn.... but haven't really tried anything else. We had minimal leaks/blowouts with prefolds. However, I was not graced with petite newborns so I always warn new parents not to buy too much NB sized stuff. You never know if you'll need it at all .... try to find items that have a RETURN policy..... with diapers that usually means in NEW UNWASHED condition...... so don't get too eager prepping your newborn stash!

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