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Friday, December 11, 2015

Product Review: Nicki's Diapers Ultimate All-In-One

With the release of the new Nicki's Diapers Ultimate All-In-One I had to try one out myself. The Ultimate is a departure from the traditional Nicki's Bamboo All-In-One that has been a staple in our house and we found that we love them just as much!

What I first noticed about the Ultimate was its buttery soft inside! With the softness of a fleece blanket, I was sure my daughter would find it comfortable. The stay dry top of the insert matches the fleece interior of the cover and coordinates with the shell colors, making it eye popping and attractive (because who can resist a cute diaper!). We went with a Candy Cane Chevron, since it seemed only fitting with the holiday outfits we have planned in the next few weeks.

The insert itself is a microfiber base to absorb the wetness, with a fleece top so that baby feels dry. While we love our natural fibers as well, our daughter seems to be sensitive to wetness, both in terms of her comfort level and her sensitive skin. The microfiber absorbs the wetness so well that the first time I changed her I actually had to do a quick double take. When I initially removed the Ultimate, the top felt completely dry to the point that I wasn't sure whether she had actually peed or not. However, when I checked the microfiber bottom, sure enough it was damp and had clearly absorbed the liquids quickly. The real test in our book was going to be nap time. Sure it could handle a regular playtime change, but would it feel as dry after a long nap on our super sleeper?

The removable insert has two snaps in the back, making it easier to wash and faster drying. One of my favorite parts of the Ultimate is the extra long, foldable panel on the front of the insert. The pre-sewn fold line makes it simple to fold under in front and automatically adds an extra layer of absorbency without adding much bulk. We have a tummy sleeper who occasionally leaks out the front during nap time so the extra absorbency is exactly what we needed. We've tested it through several long nap times and have come out dry each time. I'm certain the foldable panel is to thank for that and is a unique and welcome addition.


Foldable front panel for added absorbency

The cover itself comes in many of the Nicki's Diapers prints we love and is made of a waterproof exterior with a coordinating fleece interior. The PUL guards on the front and back of the cover keep any wetness from wicking, so we've had no issues with any wetness on the cover itself. The encased leg elastics make putting the Ultimate on a breeze (daddy was excited for this!) and kept all solid waste from escaping, even in one of our "oh my!" changes we experienced during a rough week. We tried the Ultimate out on both our 10 mo daughter and 2 year old nephew and were able to get a perfect fit on both. They are generously sized and the back elastics have a ton of stretch, which enabled us to get a snug, yet comfy looking, fit for both body types. There are three rise options and we were on the first rise with our 20 pounder and had the rise all of the way open at 32 lbs. Its so nice to know that the generous sizing allows for a leak-proof fit from now until potty training, which truly makes it an economical choice. The Ultimate is also available in Newborn for those bitty babies.
 Now that we've tested the Ultimate, we'll be adding several more to our stash. We have to agree, the flexible fit with lots of stretch, foldable panel to add extra absorbency, and stay dry feel that is so important for our baby, really do make it Ultimate in our book. Visit Nicki's Diapers to learn more about the Ultimate and view all of the adorable print options.

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