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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Product Review: Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bags

Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bag- To the Point
Have you ever asked for plastic at checkout at the grocery store, just so you have some extra plastic bags to use in small trash cans around the house? When we found ourselves doing just that, instead of using our reusable shopping bags, we took a step back and found a better option with the Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bags.

Just like many of you, one of the reasons we made the leap to cloth diapers when our first baby was born was because we wanted to make a smaller impact on the environment than thousands of disposable diapers would. We were already using Planet Wise products for so many great uses like storing our precious Tula and accessories in a wet-dry bag , keeping snacks handy in the diaper bag with the reusable snack bags, and keeping pumping parts handy and discrete in a wet bag while at work. Why not keep reducing our environmental impact and stop asking for those wasteful plastic bags?
We tried our first Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bag in the baby's nursery to keep the plastic bags out of her reach and found it so handy that now you'll find them in nearly every room of the house. On trash day, we walk around with one plastic bag, easily empty the contents of the Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bag into it, and have saved so much plastic waste! If the liner ever gets dirty from the contents, we pop it in the washer and it's clean and ready to go in no time.
Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bag- Avocado
The bag itself has a waterproof lining inside to keep anything damp from leaking and is even anti microbial so we feel safe using it everywhere from the bathroom to the kitchen. The elastic top of the 5 gallon bag drapes over the edge and keeps the bag solidly in place, even when small curious hands try to pull on it a bit. The cute colors and prints that we can match to every room in our house just add to the d├ęcor, just like this perfect avocado bag to match our jungle themed nursery. We now use our small pail liners in each bathroom and keep one in the office for recycling old papers as well.

The reusable trash bags have easily become one of our favorite Planet Wise products. What's your favorite Planet Wise product to use around the house?

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