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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Moraki One-Size Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway!

The first time I laid eyes on a Moraki Cloth Diaper was at the ABC Kids Expo back in October. Their beautiful, bright colors and prints drew me in, and after learning about the brand, I knew we had to carry them at Nicki's Diapers! A little bit about Moraki - They are a mama-owned and operated company. All of their products are sewn right here in the USA, California to be exact! They back their products up with not only an 18 month warranty, but also a 30 day wash and wear guarantee! They also have phenomenal customer service. When you email them with any sort of question, they are incredibly friendly and helpful!
Now, onto the fun stuff... the diapers! They have 2 types of diapers, an all-in-one and an all-in-two/pocket. Both diapers feature impeccable workmanship! They fit approximately 7-40 pounds and adjust with rise snaps in the front. Both also have a strip of PUL at the front, which when it comes to cloth diapers for my tummy sleeper, this is a MUST! No wicking at all!

The One-Size All-In-One is lined with incredibly absorbent hemp/organic cotton. While no stuffing is needed, there is a pocket that you could use to stuff additional absorbency in if you needed it for nap or overnight. The hemp/organic cotton soaker is sewn at the top of the diaper and forms a loop for quick dry time. You fold it to change where you need your absorbency. For a boy, I would fold it with the bulk of the absorbency in the front, and for a girl I'd put the bulk of the absorbency in the middle.
Absorbency in Front
Absorbency in Middle
The One-Size All-In-Two/Pocket is lined with super soft fleece and has a pocket you can stuff the included thirty hemp/organic cotton insert into. This will keep baby feeling dry. If you prefer to use the diaper as an all-in-two, simply lay your hemp/organic cotton insert on top and change the insert out when wet or soiled.

The fit on my 30 pound 2 year old was amazing! Nice and trim and not a single leak, even with his super-soaking tendencies! If you're looking to try something new or want a super-cute color or print to add to your stash, I highly suggest giving Moraki a try! Would you like to enter to win one? Check out the giveaway below!


Unknown said...

Ah! I just LOVE moraki so much! I'm so glad that Nicki's diapers is carrying them now. - Ashley Meeks

sublimejen said...

I've never tried this brand & would love to! Love your shop Nicki's! :)

Anonymous said...

What do we do if we don't use twitter?

Unknown said...

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