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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Product Reviews: Nicki's Diapers Pocket Diaper and Bamboo All-In-One

When it comes to cloth diapering, my family has tried it all. That means two things: first, I know exactly what works for us and what doesn’t; second, I’m always interested in trying new stuff to augment or improve our diapering regimen.  So, when I saw that Nicki’s Diapers had released a signature line of diapers, I figured I’d give them a try. We’ve used a number of similar all-in-one and pocket diapers, so it was pretty easy to judge the diapers not only on their own merit, but how they compare to similar products.

The first diaper we tried was the Nicki’s all-in-one diaper, which features a bamboo lining and snap in liner. My first impression was that the bamboo lining extended too far to the exterior of the diaper, and that leakage would be a concern.  However, the roll in legs were easy to adjust and upon using the diaper, I found the opposite to be the case. After a month of using this diaper I’ve had not a single leak, neither from my skinny 2 ½ year old (who wets like it’s a competitive sport) nor from my more Buddha-esque 1 year old. Almost as importantly, the dyed bamboo has been good to both of my girls’ sensitive skin, and the diapers are slim and easy to put on (tantrums notwithstanding, naturally).  The snap out liner makes the diaper easier to dry than some all-in-one competitors, which is nice now that winter is coming and the clothesline is going to become less usable. Bottom line: these diapers are now fully in the rotation, and are a go-to for a last-second diaper bag stuffing. Whether you’re just starting cloth or a vet, these are a good buy.

We’re not a family that uses a lot of pocket diapers. They tend to require more labor on a use-by-use basis
than either my husband or myself are interested in investing. One of the nice improvements in the Nicki’s pocket is the presence of openings in the front and the rear of the diaper. Once you stuff the insert, you can forget about it, as the agitation of your washing machine will pull the insert out while it’s washing (of course if you don’t use a washer, your mileage will vary some). The microfiber insert is fantastically absorbent, and allows the fleece lining to stay dry against bottoms, even for our competitive tinkler. In the fit department, these diapers seemed to fit our on our Buddha baby’s legs better than the beanpole, but again there was no leaking to speak of. While this diaper did not make pocket converts out of the family, it is still a solid product, priced and designed as good or better than the competition.

Overall, the Nicki’s signature brand is off to a great start.  The diapers are available in a number of vibrant shell colors (as well as a couple of prints), and are a good value, as they are competitively priced and are easily adjustable, meaning that your kids can wear them from birth to potty training.

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