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Friday, March 15, 2013

Fridays with Annie - Green Eggs!

As any moms know, juggling work (whether that's for you, your significant other, or both!) and family is a huge challenge. One way that we've kept balance in our family is to have me home with my kids every Friday. Many of you have come to know me over the last several years and I've had the joy of getting to know so many of you! You were with me through my last pregnancy and followed me as I cloth diapered Emmett from the hospital. I thought it would be fun to start a little blog series with an inside look at some of the crazy, fun, and spontaneous things we do on Friday at home with my boys, ages 5, 3, and 1. 

So we'll begin where we begin every Friday... breakfast!

This is a "sneaky" tradition that I started with our kids last year around Dr. Seuss's birthday. We read through a bunch of Dr. Seuss books, and several times their favorite Green Eggs and Ham. Soon enough, my kids were begging me to make them green eggs. I didn't want to just throw food coloring in the eggs through. I figured there had to be a healthier way! For the most part, my kids are good eaters, but who doesn't need more green veggies in their life?! 

Enter.. Spinach! At first I thought just cooking the spinach down and putting it in scrambled eggs would work. The result of this was a lot of turned up noses! Finally I figured out that I needed to blend them together! This is where the magic happens. I throw a few handfuls of fresh spinach into my blender, crack a few eggs in, and press start! Just a few seconds later I've got a smooth green liquid. Cook it up like regular scrambled eggs and you will have perfect green eggs and your kids will think you're just about the coolest mom ever. You'll feel good that they're getting extra nutrients and the taste is so slightly different that they won't even know!

This morning I asked them how they thought I made the eggs green. My 5 year old suggest kiwi fruit or avocado while my 3 year old thinks I paint them! I told them they'll find out when they're 18. 

Check back next week when I'll tell you how a trip to the local home improvement store lead to a fun FREE spring craft! 

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