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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Cutest Accessory in the Nursery- Our Planet Wise Wet Bag

A good friend recently stopped by to meet the newest addition to our family. I showed her all the cute stuff I had accumulated, but she kept gravitating back to our cloth diaper stash- especially the Planet Wise wet bag hanging from the bassinet. All she could keep saying (over and over) was, “It’s just so cute!” 

When we were initially considering how to build our diaper stash, we debated over whether or not we wanted to have a diaper pail or simply use a large wet bag when at home. The decision was made when I saw all the cute prints Planet Wise had for their wet bags. It may seem frivolous to care that much about looks, but I have a philosophy that if you have to look at something every day, make it something beautiful. Apparently the fabric purchasers at Planet Wise agree with me! 

We started using our owl print wet bag with our older child, and I was immediately grateful for my decision to go with a wet bag, and for more than just aesthetic reasons. After disposable diapering our oldest child for over 2 years, I was so tired of our house smelling faintly of dirty diapers. Our Planet Wise wet bag, however, holds in any and all smells all the time. It was literally a breath of fresh air (sorry, bad joke)!

Once we got brave enough to venture out with cloth, we also started using the small Planet Wise wet bag we received as a free gift from Nicki’s Diaper for our $225+ order. While not my favorite color , it definitely does the job when we’re out and about. The small size is perfect to hold 1-2 pocket diapers or 2-3 prefolds or stay dry inserts; it’s perfect for a morning or afternoon running around town.

When we stick closer to home, the large size wet bag easily holds 2-3 days of diapers. One of the best features of the bag is that we can fill it with diapers, carry it down to the washer, dump the diapers out into the washer, and then throw the wet bag in the wash with the diapers. I LOVE not having to handle the dirty, gross, smelly diapers before they go in the washer. In fact, I’m not sure I would be so quick to cloth diaper if we still had the old wet-pail and bleach system. Yuck!

To sum it up: we love both of our Planet Wise wet bags. In fact, the large owl print has significantly upped the cute factor of our nursery. They’re well made, do the job, and the price is right. What more could you ask for?

Guest Blogger, Heather is a work-at-home violin and piano teacher, but she considers her full-time job chasing around her two sons, ages 3-1/2 and 2 months. She lives in Great Falls, Montana and loves getting outside and enjoying her incredible surroundings.

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