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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sized Diapers vs. One Size Diapers

When it comes to all parenting decisions, it seems like there is often one mode of thought or one avenue that is more popular than all others and most people fall in line, without researching on their own what might work better for their child. Cloth diapering is really no different. Many people start cloth diapering and gravitate toward one-size diapers – that is one-size-fits-all diapers that can be adjusted as your baby grows and typically fit babies from 7-35 pounds, give or a take a few pounds. However, just because of the popularity of one-size diapers, that does not mean that they are the only option!

One other option is the sized diaper. As the name suggests, these diapers come in only one size: extra small, small, medium, large, or extra large. These diapers can be pocket diapers, fitted diapers, or all-in-one diapers. Popular sized diapers include the FuzziBunz Perfect Size and the Charlie Banana sized diapers. Each size fits the baby for a set number of pounds, when she grows out of them, the child just moves up to the next size.

One of the best part about sized diapers is the fit. While one-size-fits-all diapers can fit your baby at any weight, they may not be the most trim option. The one size diaper has to have enough to it to allow it to fit through potty training, meaning it's going to be bulkier on a small baby. A size diaper often offers a more trim and custom fit! 

Of course, sized diapers can be a more costly option for parents, because baby will grow out of each size and you will have to size up. This means a lot more buying of diapers as the child grows. Keep in mind, though, that the diapers can be saved for a second child or, if no more children are in the future, the online resale value for cloth diapers is surprisingly high. Also, because you are not using the same diaper for 3+ years, the diapers will wear down more slowly! Plus, it is a rare cloth diapering parent that does not keep adding to their stash anyway, because everyone knows that cloth diapering can be a very addictive hobby!

Whichever you choose, just make sure that is a thoughtful decision based on what works for your baby and don’t just stick to the norm if that is not the right choice for you!

Guest blogger, Jessica, lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her daughter, husband and four cats.  Although she didn't know anyone who cloth diapered when she got started, she loves the support and sense of community she now feels with other cloth diapering parents online. 

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