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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Aden & Anais- Mum & Bub Skin Care, perfect for the whole family!

Aden & Anais are well known for their 100% cotton and bamboo swaddle blankets, and they've recently made waves with their amazing crib sheets. They continue their tradition of excellence with their newest line, the Mum & Bub Skin Care Collection!

My family has very sensitive skin, so I was hesitant to introduce new skin products to them, but after reading about the ingredients and how they were formulated, I decided to give them a try! With the help of a Ellen Gendler, M.D., a leading New York City dermatologist, the Mum & Bub Skin Care Collection was created with fresh, fermented pawpaw fruit, which is known to relieve, cleanse and protect skin. It is also free of phytoestrogen, parabens, added hormone disrupters, petroleum oils, phthalates, dioxanes from sulfates, gluten, soy, petrochemicals, DEA and artificial hormones. 
The first thing I tried was the Soothing Ointment. I immediately fell in love with the delicious light vanilla scent of this ointment. I struggle with eczema on my hands, so I put a little of this ointment on my bad spots. I love that it's not greasy and just the right consistency, not to thick or thin. It calmed my cracking skin and kept the spots well moisturized for hours! I also used it on Emmett's diaper area and it kept him nice and clear! My almost 3 year old had a horrible cold with runny nose that made his upper lip so cracked and chapped. He is a BEAR to try to get any sort of cream on, but happily let me put this on after I let him smell it. He even ASKED for "the medicine that smells like birthday cake" for his lip several times! This truly is an all-purpose ointment, and I can't wait to find more uses for it!

Next, we tried the Hair & Body Wash at bath time. Could this really be gentle enough to use on Emmett, my 4 month old, yet get my almost 3 year old and 4 year old who spend hours outside on the farm clean? YES! The pump bottle makes it so easy to dispense the right amount when handling a slippery baby, and easy enough for my older boys to squirt into their wash cloths on their own. It is truly tear-free, and left their hair so soft and very fresh smelling! There is really nothing like rubbing your nose in the hair of a freshly bathed baby! :)
After baths, we applied the Ultra-Gentle Lotion to all of them, and I applied a liberal amount to my hands. It spread nice and smoothly and absorbed into their skin fairly quickly, leaving their skin silky soft! When my hands are really cracked like they are now, lotion often burns, but not this stuff! I love how my hands felt restored and smelled like sandlewood.
There is nothing I'd like more to do that simplify the amount of products we use! With the Aden & Anais- Mum & Bub Skin Care Collection, we can do just that! No need for different products for everyone. These would be great products for any family with sensitive skin, or who are concerned about the ingredients in the products they use. They would also be great gifts for new moms! You can get you own here!

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