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Friday, January 27, 2012

Sniffle Package Sale and Giveaway!

Sniff, sniff. Cough, cough. AHH-CHOO!! Tis the season for germs and germ sharing! If you're like me, you're finding your little ones are the most adorable incubators for every little bug and virus out there! There are few things worse than having a sick kiddo. If you're lucky, it's just a cold that will pass quickly, but they can still be absolutely miserable and so can you.

When we had my first son, the hospital sent us home with one of those bulb syringes to clear out his nose when he was stuffed up. If you ever want to get your child to turn bright red and hyperventilate from crying so hard, get out the bulb syringe! I have to agree with their thoughts on it though! Can you imagine having a rubbery plastic thing shoved up your nose when you're already feeling pretty yucky? Then you have to pull it out, squeeze whatever goo out of it you can get, and repeat that multiple times. I'd cry, too.

When we had my second son, I was introduced to the most disturbingly wonderful product ever invented for parents... The Nose Frida Snot Sucker! You place the end of the Snot Sucker up to your child's nostrils. The very tip of it goes in just enough to form a seal with their nostril. Then you control the suction by sucking continuously and gently on the other end. Don't worry, there is a filter and the snot stays FAR from your mouth! You would be amazed just how much junk comes out! The best part of it is, no pain for your little one! The Snot Sucker snaps apart and you wash it with warm soapy water and replace the filter. No need to worry about snot lurking in the depths of the bulb syringe.

Casey is also a mom of boys and she knows all too well about sharing germs! She's had great results using Lusa Chest Rub and shares about it below! 

As a child, my parents used the chest rub religiously whenever I coughed or sneezed.  I remember so many nights going to bed and hating the sticky feeling of the petroleum-based gel that adhered my pajamas to my skin.  LuSa Organics took the benefits of that old chest rub and made it NATURAL and SAFE!  For congestion on babies (and adults!) 6mo and older, just rub a small amount into the skin.  The soothing and healing aroma of eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree essential oils will help your little one sleep easy.  Now I can pull out the chest rub when my kids aren't feeling well, and I can feel happy that I'm putting something natural and safe onto their bodies!

We've put these two products together for our Sniffle Package and taken 15% off while supplies last! You can also enter below for your chance to WIN a Sniffle Package!

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Katrina said...

I need this for my two year old, she is always congested! And our bulb syringe from the hospital is busted! All the nose syringes we have tried do not work! I have even tried two battery operated ones and they dont do much. My daughter likes to carry it around and play the songs though!

lindsaytaylortaylor said...

I would live to win this! My baby is three months old and I'm off all dairy and soy for breastfeeding because he was reacting to them, but now he has congestion all night!

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