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Thursday, December 8, 2011

EcoPosh One Size Fitted Diaper Review!

When the EcoPosh One Size Fitted Diaper arrived, I gushed about how incredibly SOFT they were. I couldn't wait to try one out on my boy, and now I can share my thoughts on them with you! The first thing I noticed about these diapers is that they have some great features that I haven't seen in other fitted diapers. They're made of a unique combination of bamboo, organic cotton, and recycled water bottles which makes them some of the softest diapers I've touched and also amazingly absorbent. The sizing fits a wide range of babies -- 6lbs-35lbs or so. My youngest is about 27lbs now, and it fit him well! It is a stuffable pocket fitted diaper, meaning that you can adjust the absorbency. The EcoPosh One Size Fitted Diaper is made by the same company that makes Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diapers, and features a bamboo version of their great 6r soaker. I found the bamboo 6r soaker to be incredibly absorbent and trim -- the contoured design made it a better fit between my guy's legs, and I liked the option of changing the position of the soaker to put the absorbency where it's needed most. The other unique feature of these diapers is the patent-pending double inner gussets. I found that they really helped to contain even really messy messes (we had a nasty stomach bug come through our house...yuck!) better than any other fitted I've tried! I paired it for nighttime with a wool Aristocrats soaker and the results were bulletproof. No leaks! I am really very impressed with these diapers, and can safely say they are the nicest fitted diapers I've used on my kids. I love them for overnights, and if you wash every other day you really only need two to have a great nighttime diaper solution!


Nicole said...

oh my goodness... I was just gushing over these online yesterday! I want one soo bad. Can they go on sale now?

~M said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shannon Reed said...

These eco posh diapers work realllly well- ten layers of absorbtion. Worth the price =)

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