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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BumGenius! releases new colors, prints and products!

Have you seen the news from BumGenius?! It's BIG!!

Three new colors, Sassy, Mirror and Dazzle, along with two new "Genius Series" prints, Albert and Lovelace have been released and will be available soon in your favorite BumGenius Products! You can place your pre-order for BumGenius 4.0 One-Size Cloth Diaper "Genius Series" or new colors here! New colors and prints will be available in Flip products in early 2012. 


They have also introduced the new Freetime All-In-One Diaper! It's a one-size All-In-One Diaper that is so easy to use, you'll have more freetime! These no-stuff diapers have semi-attached stay-dry inserts for a quick dry time. They will be available in snap or hook & loop closures. Place your pre-order for the BumGenius Freetime All-In-One Diaper, set to arrive December 2011, here!

Is your little one getting ready for potty training? The Flip Training Pant will be arriving soon, too! This pull-up or snap-off training pant has replaceable organic cotton inserts that allow your child to learn by feeling wet. Stretchy side panels make it easy for your little one to pull up and down on their own and snap off side make even the messiest messes a breeze to clean! The Flip Training Pant fits most toddlers 18 months-4 years old (20-50 pounds) and will be available in solid colors and the new "Genius Series" Prints! Place your pre-order for the Flip Training Pant, set to arrive December 2011, here!

Do you want to see the new products in action? Check out this YouTube Video!


Hannah said...

Sigh. They've created my ideal training pants, and my son is 90% potty trained. The Blueberry Trainers I bought were pricey even on sale. They are super cute, and nice now b/c they're like "underwear", but something like the Flip Trainers would have been perfect early on b/c of the snap open sides and replaceable inner pad. I bet you could even use a folded flat diaper or other things as the soaker if you needed more!

Jecykah21 said...

I LOVE the new colors/prints! The Freetime aio is great too! My son is 15mo so we will be starting to try & potty train in the near future. I will most def be buying some of these!

Nicole said...

I am not a huge fan of bumgenius.. but I AM a fan of FLIP which bumgenius makes.. and OH MY GOSH I'm super freakin' excited!!

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