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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cloth at Night

Many parents are intimidated at the thought of using cloth diapers overnight. However, Cloth at night is not that different from cloth during the day. The key is to make sure there is enough absorbency to last the night.

Cloth diapering at night can be quite the adventure as you search for the perfect diaper and cover combination that will leave your baby happy and dry after a full night, the bed staying dry it just an added bonus! At first I had rough time with night time diapering of my twins. They are both very heavy wetters and would soak through to the bed in a prefold with a cover. Quickly I discovered that doubling the prefold and adding a fleece liner and a Flip cover worked awesome at night. From there I found that Bum Genius with both inserts or a bamboo fitted diaper with a wool cover would also do the trick!

Diapers made specifically for night time tend to be more absorbent & more than likely they will be a bit bulkier than your average daytime diaper.

Pocket diapers such as BumGenius can be great for nights because the absorbency is easily customized for your baby's needs. You can use additional micro inserts to help boost absorbency even more. The fleece interior lining of Pocket Diapers are great at helping wick moisture away from your baby's skin. My babies skin is always soft and dry in the morning, not clammy at all.

Using a Prefold diaper will not usually be enough to last an entire night if your baby is a heavy wetter or frequently nurses through the night. However, if you layer in a micro insert and a fleece liner or two this will add absorbency. For a fitted adding an additional micro liner or a fleece doubler will do the trick as well! The fleece-topped doubler wicks moisture away from my babies skin and leaves them feeling more dry.

Double diapering? Well it is what it sounds like:) You simply place one prefold diaper inside another to help absorb moisture..I've got some funny looks when I have talked about using two prefolds with a snappi and a cover. It might be a little bulky but it has worked great for 3 years and 3 children.

If you want to stick to Prefolds or Fitteds at night, then the next step would be the cover. The most popular covers in our house are wool soakers. When it is cold weather I tend to stick with my Knit Wool longies. Regardless of the cloth diaper style you selected, consider fleece or wool when picking a diaper cover. A wool soaker can absorb more than one third of their weight in moisture and are water resistant while remaining breathable. They fit fantastic over most cloth diapers, helping keep baby dry in whatever cloth diapering system you choose. Fleece is really great as well, however you may find a wool soaker is better for your baby, with its natural wetness protection. Plus you can get a scented wool wash and/or lanolin, so when the wool gets wet, my twins smell like Cotton candy! Other than wool, I have found that Bummis Super Brite Covers, and Flip Covers work fantastic! However, when I use a Bummis or a Flip I always double the prefolds or add an extra liner in a fitted diaper.

I would like to add that not every system will work for every baby. It can depend on how heavy your baby wets through the night, and if you want to change them during the night.

As your baby gets older, your night time diapering routine might end up changing. Night time diapering is an ongoing process, but with a clear understanding of your options, there is no need to be afraid!

Cheers to dry nights!

Mama to 3, Cloth Diapering twins


wrenb said...

We use a prefold, a hemp doubler, and then wool or fleece cover. Works great! The hemp doubler absorbs as much as a prefold with much less bulk, and it doesn't bother my dry fingers in the winter like microfiber does.

Kim said...

Where do I get a fleece liner/insert? Do I buy this or sew my own with fleece I have?

TheCraftyQueen said...

I agree that for nights, wool can be the one thing that makes it work. In addition to allowing some airflow and thus some mid-night diaper drying, wool itself will absorb some liquid, even when well-lanolized. I consider night-time longies to be a doubler in and of themselves. Since wet wool stays warm, my LO may technically be in damp pants, but she'll never feel wet and cold. The sheets stay dry, the PJ top stays dry, and we're happy sleepers!

April said...

I just bought a large stock of bb diapers and some overnight inserts, I'm new to cd' ing and am now worried after reading this post that the overnight pads and a hemp won't be enough. Does anyone use the bb diapers at night?

Cindy Lou said...

I use the BB overnight diapers and a stay dry BB, and they have worked great! My son is a heavy wetter, so I was worried but two nights in a row and he's doing great! I used the BB and a Hemp once, but the hemp stayed really wet and gave him a bit of a rash.

JL said...

I'm wondering if anybody has been using GroVia at night. I confess to so not wanting baby to wake up in the middle of the night that I've been using the GroVia inserts, and they work very well. I have a basket full of doublers and am wondering if I should brave it and try it! Would love to hear if other parents have had some experience!

JL said...

I meant I use the GroVia disposable inserts at night. Sorry for the confusion!

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