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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nicki's May Mom of the Month

Name: Laureanna R-D.
Hometown: Grew up in Edgerton, WI and now live in Colgate, WI
Occupation: I taught 3rd grade at Lannon Elementary School in Sussex, WI for eight years before becoming a full-time mom last year.
Child: Sierra is our daughter and she'll be one on May 25!
How did you decide to cloth diaper? I was inspired by my good friend, Amy, and my sister-in-law, Kelly. They both used CDs and made it more modern than the 70s version I had always imagined it was. I feel good about saving money, but my primary reason is environmental. I'm hoping to do my part in my little corner of the world, and hoping that others will be inspired by me, too.
What types of cloth diapers do you use? We have a wonderful mix of brands, but use one-size pocket diapers almost exclusively.
What is your favorite cloth diaper and why? Hmmm...tough one because each brand has its merits! The Happy Heiny's velcro one-size fit Sierra the best, and I love that they have four rows of snaps to adjust to her as she grows. (Very slowly, I might add. She's tiny.)
What is your favorite non-mommy related activity or hobby? We love ttraveling and hiking, especially out West. Fortunately, we can cart Sierra around with us right now. Other guilty pleasures: watching "Chuck" episodes online (we always miss it on TV) and catching up with "Chelsea Lately" or "The Daily Show" if I'm not reading in bed.
What type of music do you play in the car when you don't have your child? Sierra listens to whatever we have on, so when I'm alone, I indulge in NPR.
What would you tell someone who is just starting out? Its not as crazy as most people think it is! Be sure to ask lots of questions, both from people who have used CD, and the staff at Nicki's. Everyone wants to make it as easy as possible - we're all Moms, after all.
Anything else we should know about you? I'm a Harry Potter freak and an avid Carcassonne player. If you know them, then you know. ;)

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