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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Babywearing Safety

With all the recent press about babywearing safety (due to the CPSC warning) we thought it would be a good idea to highlight correct positioning and use of baby carriers. When used correctly and to manufacturers' guidelines, babywearing is completely safe and very beneficial. From Babywearing International:
DO ensure the baby's back and torso are well supported. Make sure the baby is not curled up such that his chin is pressed to his chest or his airway is otherwise compressed. Ensuring that you can put two fingers vertically between the baby's chin and chest is a good guide. DO carry babies how they would be held in-arms. Well-designed front baby carriers hold babies snugly against the chest and near caregiver's face ("Close Enough to Kiss"). DO monitor the baby at all times. Make sure nothing obstructs the face or impedes breathing. DO be aware of movements and surroundings. In general, don't do something while wearing a child that shouldn't be done while simply holding them. Avoid heat sources, bumping and jarring motions, and other hazardous situations.
There are slings that are considered dangerous. These "bag slings" do not allow for safe positioning as outlined above. The baby hangs too low, and does not have proper back or head support. Example of a "bag sling": Here are some examples of how an "in-arms" position translates to a carrier. These positions apply to pouches, ring slings, and wraps. My son is 5 months old and weighs approximately 17lbs. (Please excuse the self-timer pics, bad hair, and no makeup -- at least you know they're real!) From this: To this: If you are at all concerned about wearing your baby correctly or choosing a carrier, please come to the free Babywearing 101 class at Nicki's Diapers or stop by the store any time for assistance from Nicki's staff.

1 comment:

Carly said...

Nice Post:) I love to wear my babies. I think that warning on the news might have scared some mommies out of a wonderful bonding experiance. Hopefully the news of wearing your baby correctly will persuade Mommy's to give it a try.

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