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Saturday, February 27, 2010

LuSa Organics: Great ingredients, great products!

When I brought my first son home, I was armed with all the soap and goop the hospital sent home. I am an ingredient label reader, and after a week or so thought to look at what I was slathering on my precious baby's skin. Turns out there are a LOT of chemicals in most baby products. Ew! I started looking for alternatives and discovered an amazing LOCAL company: LuSa Organics! A family-run business, LuSa strives to be as natural as possible. Their products are decadent with zero guilt. The first product I tried was the Booty Balm. What a difference it made! I remember one time in particular my oldest decided that he LOVED diced tomatoes....and my husband realized far too late that so much of such an acidic food probably wasn't the best...unfortunately poor baby ended up looking like a very grouchy baboon. We slathered him liberally with the Booty Balm and it seemed to help him feel better almost instantly. We've used it many, many times since and it has never failed to impress and heal our little ones' bums quickly. I also use the Baby Wipe Juice (Diaper Wipe Concentrate) for my cloth wipes. I add a small amount to one of those handy spritzer bottles the hospital sends home for mamas, fill with water, and spray the wipes as needed. I've also added it to a tub and kept damp wipes that way, but the bottle method works better for us. The wipes smell great, clean and fresh. Seems like the solution is soothing and moisturizing, too. I tried the Sleeping Potion on my older son last night, and it smells DIVINE. Very calming, relaxing scent. I'm sure the aromatherapy helped, he seemed to sleep less fitfully! The last product I've used is the Labor Massage Oil. I was lucky enough to have a massage therapist on hand for my youngest son's birth, and she used the oil on my neck and shoulders during labor. The aromatherapy was amazing -- so calming and empowering. I loved it, and will recommend it to any mom-to-be. The massage certainly didn't hurt, but the oil was a definite bonus.


The Virnig Family said...

Do you need to use a liner between the booty balm and a cloth diaper? Or are they considered safe for use with cloth diapers?

Casey said...

I don't personally use any liner -- I have never had problems with residue or staining of any kind. That's one reason why I tried it to begin with! :)

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